Retirement / Employment Separation

Retirement Benefits - PERS/OPSRP

Eligible employees will be enrolled in one of the following retirement programs administered by the Oregon Public Employees Retirement System (PERS): 
  • Tier One or Tier Two PERS program 
  • Oregon Public Service Retirement Plan (OPSRP)
Employees hired on or after Aug. 29, 2003 become part of OPSRP (after working for the City for a six-month waiting period), unless membership was previously established in PERS. 


Contributions to the program are based on the employee's salary. The City pays the "employer" contribution for all City employees. In addition, the City contributes the 6% of salary "employee" contribution for all employees except those represented by the IAFF bargaining unit. The 6% employee contribution is deposited into the Individual Account Program (IAP) for both PERS and OPSRP members.

Individual and Group Counseling Sessions

PERS/OPSRP individual and group counseling session schedule 
PERS provides free group counseling sessions for PERS and OPSRP members. City employees may attend one in-person group counseling session or web-based session per year on work time with prior supervisory approval. Participation in web-based sessions is considered work time if the employee is at a city work site and has prior supervisory approval. 

If you are retiring within 90 days, you can schedule an individual meeting with a PERS retirement counselor. These individual sessions are not considered work time.

Forms and Resources 
PERS Website 
View your IAP account info, agency news and more.   
PERS Pre-retirement Guide
Perspectives Newsletter  - Active or Retired
PERS/OPSRP Publications 
Info on break in service, P&F units, waiting period and more.
PERS Beneficiary Form Tier 1/2 
For PERS Tier 1/2 members. Completion of the IAP form also required.
PERS/OPSRP IAP Beneficiary Forms 
For PERS and OPSRP members.
Retiree and COBRA Information 
Retiree Checklist
COBRA/Retiree Rates for Health Insurance
Retiring Employee Information 
Notice of Intent/Qualifying Event forms and health insurance rates
Terminating Employee Information 
Notice of Intent/Qualifying Event forms and health insurance rates
Mayor/City Councilor-End of Term Info 
Notice of Intent/Qualifying Event forms and health insurance rates
BenefitHelp Solutions - Retiree/COBRA Administrator