How to Apply

The City of Eugene’s goal in recruitment is to find the best candidates to help us in our shared work to develop and serve the community. The City’s recruitment team is thoughtful and intentional throughout each step of the recruitment process. That can sometimes mean a little more time to get to the end, but we believe that making sure each employee is in a role that they can succeed in, is important to the success of the individual and the community. 

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What You Can Expect from Our Application Process: 

  1. Submit your application materials.
  2. Recruitment staff will review your application for relatable skills and experience that can but used to meet the minimum requirements of the role.
  3. Your supplemental question responses are reviewed by at least two reviewers to make sure that distinct lenses are used to see your perspective and unique characteristics. Take your time on your answers, they are really important!
  4. Interview invites are extended to top candidates. Interviews are conducted by a panel and interviewees are asked the same questions to provide the same opportunity to each candidate. Some positions may have multiple interviews.
  5. Reference checks, backgrounds, and/or medical and psychological tests are completed for final candidates. Final screening elements will be dependent on the requirements of the position.  
  6. Pay equity reviews are performed to ensure equal pay for comparable work across the organization.  
  7. Offers are made.

Once the posting closes, the average process can take 4-6 weeks to complete. (First Responder processes take 8 – 10 weeks due to additional testing.)