Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable is responsible for paying city debts owed for goods, services, materials, equipment and certain special financial transactions.

Routing Invoices
The City’s standard payment terms on invoices are net 30 days. The City has implemented an electronic routing process for all of our vendor invoices. All vendor invoices must include a four-digit routing number that must be given to you by the person placing the order. Our electronic process will then route the invoices to the appropriate department for approval of payment. Either mail or email all vendor invoices to:

City of Eugene
P.O. Box 11110
Eugene, OR 97440

We offer an alternative vendor payment option, ePayables, where vendors can choose to receive their payments by credit card instead of check. The City provides each vendor that signs up for ePayables a zero-balance credit card. As departments approve invoices for payment, the amount of each invoice is then added to the credit card limit. The vendor then processes the credit card payment as usual. If you are a City of Eugene vendor and are interested in registering for this program please contact us at either 541-682-5038 or via email.

IRS Reporting
The City is required to report payments of $600 or more per calendar year to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). We therefore require all vendors to fill out a Form W-9 to verify the vendor's reporting status and tax identification number (TIN). Failure to furnish a correct TIN may be subject to a $50 penalty. We will mail a Form 1099-MISC to all vendors where reporting is required by January 31. If you find any discrepancies with your records, please contact us so that we may make corrections before we transmit our information to the IRS by March 31.