Native and Invasive Plant Policies

Native and Invasive Plant Policies Overview

The introduction of non-native, invasive plant species on City lands has had increasing environmental and financial impacts. Every year the City of Eugene has continued to prioritize the restoration and renovation of sensitive habitat areas such as the West Eugene Wetlands, Hendricks Park Forest, Whilamut Natural Area of Alton Baker Park, Ridgeline Trail, and Spencer and Skinner buttes. Still invasive plants are frequently found out-competing our native species, threatening food, habitat and genetic diversity of plants and wildlife.

In an effort to halt the intentional introduction of invasive species and to promote the re-introduction of native species, the City launched a new policy in early 2003 that prohibits the use of the most problematic and documented invasive species, discourages the planting of other species that are suspected to be problematic and encourages the use of native plants on all City-owned lands and projects.

Plant Lists

The plant lists were developed to guide this policy. Two of the lists identify exotic, invasive plants that have been identified as potential or existing major problems in this area. The third is a list of native plants that are commercially available and valuable in a landscape setting. All three of the lists are meant to be a quick reference tool. All three of these lists will be reviewed and updated annually.

List 1

Invasives Prohibited - Plants on this list are already a serious problem and are not allowed to be planted on City property.

List 2

Invasives Discouraged - Plants on this list are invasive in some settings, but may not be problems in other areas. Staff are discouraged from planting, but not prohibited as it is recognized certain uses may be appropriate and nonthreatening to our native habitat.

List 3

Native Alternatives - Staff are encouraged to utilize native plants. Plants on this list are locally available and recommended for use in a landscape setting. This list is meant to serve as a reference tool and does not represent the full list of native species available or appropriate.