Waterways, including creeks, rivers and ponds, provide unique important habitat for a wide variety of wildlife species, including neotropical migratory birds, Western pond turtles, beaver, river otter, and even threatened Chinook salmon. Waterways in Eugene are great places to watch wildlife, to go for a paddle, to have a picnic, or to walk, run, bike, or skate along the many miles of trails. These are also areas where you can volunteer to plant trees, monitor wildlife, or check water levels.

Waterways are managed for multiple objectives, including flood conveyance, water quality, and natural resource values and recreation. Several waterways are part of a larger park or natural area, such as the ponds at Golden Gardens Park, Delta Ponds, Walnut Grove Park, Alton Baker Park, and Sorrel Pond Park. Other waterways, such as Amazon Creek, Spring Creek, Flat Creek, and the Willamette River, flow through our community, connecting multiple parks and open spaces.

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