Neighborhood Matching Grants

Neighborhood Matching Grants  Program - Open Now through October 31, 2016!

The Neighborhood Matching Grants program was established by City Council in 2000 with the purpose of encouraging residents in Eugene to work collaboratively to identify and actively participate in making improvements to their neighborhoods.
Community involvement and building relationships are key components of the program and are encouraged by requiring that the project budget include a match amount equal to, or greater than, the grant request; coordination with and support of your neighborhood association; and documentation of neighborhood support. Demonstrating responsible stewardship of our community assets while balancing our community‚Äôs social and environmental values are additional components of any project proposal submitted. 

Read the Guidelines for the 2017 Neighborhood Matching Grants Program>>  
Download the 2017 NMG Application>>  All projects are required to go through "pre-review" by October 31, 2016. See Guidelines for more information! 

See list of all projects funded between 2000 and 2015 HERE

If you need more information or have questions please contact Cindy Koehler at 541-682-5272.

Consider Applying to be a Member of the Grants Department Advisory Committee!

The Office of Human Rights & Neighborhood Involvement is recruiting two volunteers to serve on the Department Advisory Committee (DAC) to the Neighborhood Matching Grants program.  The DAC is responsible for reviewing neighborhood grant applications and making recommendations to the City for funding projects.  The review process includes independent review of each application and then attending one or two meetings to meet with the grant applicants to discuss any questions the DAC may have regarding the project or the budget submitted as part of the project. After meeting with the applicants the DAC meets one more time to discuss the scores each member gave to the projects and form a recommendation for funding. Staff then present those recommendations to the Eugene City Council for final funding approval. The DAC usually meets in late February and may continue meeting in March to wrap up the process.
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