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Benefits of a Neighborhood Association

Eugene has twenty-three (23) recognized neighborhood associations. Neighborhood involvement gives you an opportunity to have a voice in decisions that affect the livability of your neighborhood. Your neighborhood association is a great way to partner with other neighbors, the City and other organizations to develop solutions to shared problems. Being part of a neighborhood association connects you to people who share your vision of a healthy, vibrant and safe community. 

Neighborhood associations offer multiple ways for neighbors to meet one another, learn about issues in their neighborhoods, hear about City programs that affect neighborhoods and the work of community partners, and join together to advocate for the health, safety and well-being of their neighborhoods. Each year, neighborhood associations report on their activities and events, issues they’ve considered, outreach and engagement, and goals for the following year. That information is compiled and reported via a memo to City Council. See the 2017 Neighborhood Report

Get Involved

Neighborhood associations are volunteer organizations that thrive and grow when everyone is involved. The following is a small sampling of the things that you can do to involve yourself in your neighborhood:

Campus Area Neighborhoods:

Maintaining safe and livable neighborhoods for all is a shared responsibility.   Here are a number of valuable resources that promote livability in our neighborhoods:

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