Human Rights Commission

The mission of the Human Rights Commission is to promote the implementation of universal human rights values and principles in all City of Eugene programs and throughout the community.

To carry out this mission the commission shall affirm, encourage and initiate programs and services within the City of Eugene and in the community designed to place priority upon protecting, respecting, and fulfilling the full range of universal human rights as enumerated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

To support and promote human rights, the commission will:

  • Provide human rights education
  • Be proactive in human rights efforts
  • Address human rights violations
  • Ensure active public participation
  • Be transparent and open
  • Be publicly accountable for human rights progress

Commission Information

The Commission focuses on its City Council-approved work plan, community matters, and working within City government and acts according to its bylaws. The current work plan includes four goals:

  • Building Commission capacity
  • Enhancing the Commission relationship and role within the City government
  • Responding to human rights concerns and trends
  • Working towards a human rights framework in Eugene

Members create work groups, designate liaisons, craft resolutions and statements, follow response protocols, and facilitate collaboration and partnerships to achieve specific, targeted outcomes. 

MLK Award

Each year on Martin Luther King Jr. Day (January 20, 2020) the City of Eugene Human Rights Commission recognizes an individual for their contribution in the area of human rights and race relations. The award will be given out during the annual Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day march.

Click here to see past award recipients

Marginalized Voices in Eugene:

Report on Focus Groups in Eugene’s Communities of Color, Muslim and LGBTQ Communities

Bonnie Souza and Ken Neubeck, Co-chairs

Anti-Discrimination Work Group

Eugene Human Rights Commission

June 2017

The Eugene Human Rights Commission’s Anti-Discrimination Work Group hosted 10 focus groups in communities of color, Muslim and LGBTQ communities in Eugene. 

The purpose of the focus groups was to learn about marginalized individuals’ experiences at this moment in time and to explore how the City of Eugene might help members of these communities feel safe, welcome and included in Eugene. Commissioners Bonnie Souza and Ken Neubeck co-chaired the work group, planned and hosted all of the focus groups (with help from community members) and co-authored Marginalized Voices in Eugene, which includes important recommendations to the Mayor and City Council.

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