Right-of-Way Use Enforcement Program

Detour sidewalk closed

The Public Right-of-Way Use Enforcement Program helps resolve violations related to construction permitting

The City of Eugene obtains compliance and enhances public safety through enforcement actions for violations related to temporary traffic control and street closures. With construction work occurring in the public right-of-way, a valid permit is required to ensure safe conditions to accommodate the traveling public. In addition to enhanced coordination efforts, the City of Eugene seeks to increase compliance through consistent enforcement of permit conditions. The enforcement program plays a critical role in providing safe mobility and ADA options to the citizens of Eugene. 

A valid permit needs to be obtained for all right-of-way uses. Failure to accommodate the traveling public or failure to meet minimum safety standards is a violation. Enforcement action may be based on formal complaints, discovery while in the field, or reports submitted to the City of Eugene. 

The City of Eugene complies with all non-discrimination, Civil Rights laws including Civil Rights Title VI and ADA Title II. To request translation, interpretation, accommodation, modifications, or additional info please contact Public Works at 541-682-8400, or publicworksinfo@eugene-or.gov

The enforcement program plays a critical role in providing safe mobility options. Please use our form to report violations in the public right-of-way:

Public Works Right-of-Way Enforcement - Complaint Form

For violations on private property please contact Code Compliance.