Administrative Order


Section 2.019 of Eugene Code empowers the City Manager to adopt administrative orders for any provision of the code. Section 2.020 is the source of the City Manager's authority to set fees. Other Code sections relating to specific programs also delegate the administrative authority.

Administrative orders are used to implement provisions of the Code or ordinances passed by the City Council, or they may revise or update existing orders. They also delegate responsibilities and authority, adopt or amend rules, or set fees for City services.


The processes for providing notice, receiving comments and adopting administrative rules and orders depend on the types of orders. Procedures for airport rates and rules are described in Eugene Code Sections 2.430 through 2.442. Ambulance rates are governed by Eugene Code Section 2.608. System development charges are developed in accordance with Section 2.020. Temporary and emergency rules expire after 180 days and do not require the same noticing process as other administrative orders.

Administrative Orders for Public Comment

The following Administrative Orders are open for public comment at this time. See the linked documents for instructions on how to provide comments and for information on the deadlines to provide comment.

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