The City Recorder and staff coordinate and administer the City’s municipal election activities including receiving filings from candidates for the positions of mayor, councilor and Eugene Water and Electric Board. The Recorder’s Office processes initiative, referendum and recall petitions. The City Recorder prepares elections schedules, files measures for the ballot and certifies the final election results. A Eugene voters’ pamphlet is published for elections with city measures on the ballot and includes information on city measures and candidates. Information concerning the Eugene Water and Electric Board and School District elections also may be included.

General information about election processes is available in Chapter 2 of the Eugene Code. 


Applications are now being accepted for the interim replacement for Ward 4 City Councilor George Poling, who resigned from his seat effective April 10, 2017. Applicants must reside in Ward 4, be a legal elector under the laws and constitution of the state, and be a resident of the city for one year immediately before being appointed to office. Interviews with Mayor Lucy Vinis and the Eugene City Council will be scheduled in early June. The application deadline is Friday, May 19, 2017.

The interim appointment will be made in June 2017 and the person appointed will serve until a successor is duly elected in 2018 (12 – 18 months). 

The online application and supplemental questionnaire are available at www.eugene-or.gov/bcc. For more information, please call 541-692-5010.

A prospective initiative petition was filed with the Eugene City Recorder on April 28, 2017.  After determining that the prospective petition was legally sufficient, the City Attorney prepared and delivered the following ballot title to the City Recorder on May 9, 2017:

Charter Amendment: elected city auditor independent of city council/manager

Shall Charter create elected auditor to audit city operations and activities without supervision or direction by city council or manager?

If approved, five page Charter amendment would create position of elected city auditor to run new city auditor’s office.  Auditor would conduct audits of city services and activities, and have authority to oversee other audits.  Auditor would create website, whistleblower hotline, and post audit results.  Auditor elected for a four year term and would have exclusive authority to hire, fire, and supervise auditor office staff.  

Auditor and auditor’s office are independent of, and not subject to supervision or direction by, city council or city manager. Auditor authorized to adopt own rules for office and staff.  Council and city staff required to cooperate with auditor and provide auditor with unrestricted access to employees, facilities, documents, and other information auditor requires for performance of audit.

City Council required to annually fund auditor’s office at not less than 0.1% of City’s total budget (approximately $623,000 based on FY17 budget).  Auditor paid at least 70% of average salaries of Eugene and Salem city managers and EWEB general manager, and receives same benefit package as Eugene city manager.

No later than 5 p.m. on Thursday, May 18, 2017, any elector may petition the Lane County Circuit Court requesting a different ballot title and stating why the ballot title prepared by the City Attorney is unsatisfactory. 

For more information, please contact the City Recorder at 541-682-5882.