Climate Recovery

  1. Change the World (Eugene Weekly, March 10, 2016)

    Global warming is changing the world for the worse, but these people are fighting back. Look for the focus section on Matt McRae, City of Eugene Climate and Energy Analyst. Additional Info...
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We’re stepping up to address climate change and reduce our carbon emissions. Follow the community’s efforts as we work toward our Climate Recovery goals:

  • Carbon neutral city operations by 2020
  • Community fossil fuel use reduced 50% by 2030
Climate recovery ordinance development and implementation timelineNext Steps at City Council

  • February – April 2016: 
    Council consideration and possible action on 350 ppm goal
  • May 2016: 
    Update on internal goals and City operations
  • June 2016: 
    Council consideration and possible action on numerical targets and benchmarks
  • Fall 2016: 
    Progress update
Check the Resources page for related Council materials.

Climate Recovery Podcast

Matt McRaeListen in as Matt McRae, Climate and Energy Analyst, talks about the Climate Recovery Ordinance in a podcast produced by the Thriving Earth Exchange of the American Geophysics Union.
Podcast Courtesy Thriving Earth Exchange