Current Human Rights Commissioners

About the Commission

The mission of the Human Rights Commission (HRC) is to promote the implementation of universal human rights values and principles in all City of Eugene programs and throughout the community.

To carry out this mission the HRC shall affirm, encourage and initiate programs and services within the City of Eugene and in the community designed to place priority upon protecting, respecting, and fulfilling the full range of universal human rights as enumerated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the City of Eugene Human Rights Code

Commissioners are appointed by City Council for a three-year term and are limited to serving no more than two terms consecutively. Commissioners may serve more than two terms if terms are not consecutive.

Briselda HeadshotPosition 1: Briselda Molina

HRC Vice Chair, Economic Opportunities Work Group Chair (Term Expires: 6/30/24)

Briselda is originally from Mexico but has been living in the United States for the past 22 years. A dedicated social justice practitioner with a demonstrated passion and commitment to work in diversity, equity, inclusion, program management, and group facilitation in higher education and City work, Briselda serves on multiple boards, commissions, and committees. She currently serve as the Co-Chair of the School of Journalism & Communications (SOJC) Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee. She is also Vice Chair of the Human Rights Commission for the City of Eugene and Chair for the Economic Opportunities Work GroupShe is fully bilingual (Spanish) and works as an undergraduate career and academic advisor at the University of Oregon’s School of Journalism and Communication.


Ibrahim Coulibaly Headshot

Position 2: Ibrahim Coulibaly

(Term Expires: 6/30/23)

Ibrahim grew up in the small, French-speaking country in West Africa. He came to the US for the first time in 2008, where he initially lived in New York and started working with the Bronx Museum of Art. After moving to Eugene, Ibrahim had his first encounters with racial slurs. This prompted him to research the NAACP and become socially engaged in local activism. Since then, Ibrahim became the chair of the legal redress committee of the local NAACP and helped investigate complaints about civil rights. Soon after, he became the vice president and then president. He founded his own non-profit organization, Human Rights Human Stories. He previously chaired the Human Rights Commission. He also currently works as a Senior Civil Rights Investigator for the Bureau of Labor and Industries.

HRC- Thomas Hiura

Position 3: Thomas Hiura

(Term Expires: 6/30/25)

Thomas Hiura (he/they/she) is a lifelong Eugenean, having moved from Japan to River Road at age 2. Since 2012, Thomas has owned and operated Ravioli Road Studios, specializing in music production, podcasts, portrait photography and video production.  In 2022, he was elected Vice Chair of the Board of Directors for the WOW Hall: a community-based performing arts center and venue on the National Register of Historic Places.

Thomas enjoys the wide breadth of what Eugene has to offer from a cultural and human rights perspective. Whether it’s performing hip-hop and rock music as “Gradient,” conducting interviews with Asian-American community leaders for the Springfield History Museum’s ILLUMINATION project, or publicizing long-form discussions with creative leaders and public servants on the Broken Class podcast, Thomas is passionate about building connections between seemingly disparate groups of Eugeneans.

HRC- Ibrahim Hamide

Position 4: Ibrahim Hamide
(Term Expires: 6/30/23)

A native Palestinian, Ibrahim (Ib) Hamide grew up in Bethlehem, immigrating to Eugene in 1969 at the age of 18 to attend the University of Oregon. Ib has been advocating for the restoration and vigilance for rights of people that fall through the cracks of society, such as the mentally ill and homeless as well as the rights that are enshrined in the Universal Human Rights Declaration. When Ib isn't helping Eugene create community and belonging, he is the head chef and owner of Cafe Soriah.

HRC- Blake Burrell

Position 5: Blake Burrell

Homelessness and Poverty Work Group Co-Chair (Term Expires: 6/30/25)

Blake Burrell is a nonprofit administrator and public servant residing in the City of Eugene. Blake serves as the co-chair of the Human Rights Commission Homelessness and Poverty Workgroup, Housing Policy Board liaison, and Triple Bottom Line liaison.

Blake’s professional work in nonprofit administration has centered on developing homeless and emergency service programs, teaching renter’s education courses, and creating staff training programs for social services, nonprofit management, and DEI. In addition to his professional work, Blake has contributed to disaster response and homelessness initiatives with local municipalities and volunteered time to various organizations such as ArtCity, the Willamette Backcountry Ski Patrol, and United States Forest Service.

Blake intends to draw from his personal and professional experiences to contribute to the advancement of Human Rights in our community. He is focused on policy and programs related to housing, homelessness, climate change, public health, and the arts. As our community faces challenges related to crisis in housing, natural disaster, and social inequity, Blake intends to advocate for the advancement of rights for all people residing in our community and beyond. 

Position 6: Vacant

(Term Expires: 6/30/25)

Position 7: Vacant

(Term Expires: 6/30/25)

Kris Galago Headshot

Position 8: Kris Galago

Whole Eugene Community United Work Group Chair (Term Expires: 6/30/24)

Kris Galago has been a key partner in supporting the City of Eugene to connect with and serve our marginalized communities through her work on the Eugene Human Rights Commission, helping found the Whole Eugene Community United (WeCU) work group, and combating impact disparities for marginalized communities in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic through her efforts with Pacific Islanders Eugene (PIE). When Kris is not actively serving our community through her continued human rights and social justice initiatives through the City of Eugene, she is spreading cultural and community awareness in her numerous educational roles;


  • Adjunct Professor for Southern Oregon University’s Ethnic and Racial Studies Department
  • Club Advisor for SOU’s Hawaii Club
  • Community Advocate for SOU’s Samoan Club
  • Club Advisor for University of Oregon’s Hui o Hawaii Club
  • Club Advisor for UO’s Pacific Islanders Club
  • Staff Advocate & Planning Committee for Pacific Islander Student Alliance’s Annual Conference
  • Club Advisor for Eugene 4J School District’s Pacific Islanders Club
  • Community Based Hawaiian Language Instructor

HRC- Heather Marek

Position 9: Heather Marek

Homelessness and Poverty Work Group Co-Chair (Term Expires: 6/30/25)

Heather has lived in Eugene since 2007. She is a staff attorney with Oregon Law Center/Lane County Legal Aid, and she teaches constitutional law and criminal justice courses at the University of Oregon. Heather has worked for nonprofits advocating for civil rights and liberties, and was a cooperating attorney and board member for the American Civil Liberties Union of Oregon. Previously, she served on Eugene's Civilian Review Board and Housing Code Enforcement Advisory Board.

Picture for HRC

Position 10: Scott Lemons

HRC Chair, Whole Eugene Community United Vice Chair (Term Expires: 6/30/24)

Scott Lemons is a disability advocate and mental health professional with a decade of dedicated involvement in Eugene-area public policy. He is currently the Program Coordinator and Peer Support Specialist at Lane Independent Living Alliance (LILA) and represents underserved and marginalized communities on several community advisory boards.


Behind his empathetic leadership lies a wealth of lived experience - as an unhoused youth he had to personally navigate systems that leave many in our society perpetually falling through the cracks. He now helps to alleviate what suffering he can by empowering and assisting others with accessing and navigating resources to secure equitable and affordable housing, ADA accommodations, trauma-informed care and more.

Councilor Keating

Position 11 (City Council Representative): Matt Keating

City Council, Ward 2 (Appointed to HRC January 2021)

Drae Charles Headshot

Staff Support: Drae Charles

Human Rights & Equity Analyst, Office of Equity & Community Engagement 

Phone: 541-682-5277