Eliza Williams

Eliza Williams Queen mixed media acrylic, charcoal, chalk, paper on canvas

Eliza Williams

Queen, 2022

Mixed media (acrylic, charcoal, chalk, paper) on canvas, 48 x 49 x 1.5 in


On display at the Downtown Eugene Public Library

Artist Bio

Eliza Williams is an acrylic painter and multimedia artist. She is mostly self-taught, her largest source of knowledge comes from studying and gaining inspiration from other artists’ techniques. She attended a handful of art classes at community college in 2013, two of which were painting classes. These classes gave her the technical skills she needed to create her work and develop her style. She has since gone on to teach private art lessons, paint murals, create educational projects and display her work in two dozen venues and art events. A style that she has been pursuing is one of a contemporary figurative style that plays with the merge of simplicity and complexion. She loves to play with different mediums, styles and ideas. Eliza is always seeking to try something new and reach new levels in her creation.

In 2018 Eliza was invited to Chicxulub Pueblo in Yucatán, Mexico to paint a mural. During her stay she painted the mural, made a tile mosaic and painted some pieces for an upcoming gallery in the pueblo. Afterwards, she took her knowledge of the Mayan culture mixed with modern Yucatán and created a multidisciplinary project with students of the Club K After School program. This project included language, games, art, homemade dyes, rope making, painting, sculpture and more. Eliza learned the importance of immersion into diverse cultures in regards to personal development. These projects served as a catalyst for growth within her art by pushing her into new directions.

Eliza has displayed her work at various galleries and venues around the Portland, Eugene and Blue River areas since 2013. She is currently based in Eugene. Her work can be found online on Saatchi Art, Pinterest, Etsy, Artrepreneur, Instagram, Facebook and her website. Visit her Etsy shop to purchase prints.

Artist Statement

From the dark abyss, gifted with the godliness of a mother’s embrace, surfaces the innocent, fragile hand. Impelling this hand charges the power of countless stallions. The comforting force of warmth and strength is felt as it pulls the limp body from the craven depths. A rush of warm tears wash over the spirit. A clear waterfall is heated by the sun’s abounding kiss. The essence of a smile transposes throughout the being as it understands the feeling of home.

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