Yasmin Staunau

Yasmin Staunau Fire Fall watercolor on arches paper

Yasmin Staunau

Fire Fall, 2022

Watercolor on arches paper, 14 x 20 in


On display at the Downtown Eugene Public Library

Artist Bio

I fell in love with drawing and painting as a child in South Africa and was self-taught until I also learned from the best instructors at Lane Community College and the University of Oregon. Now I am blessed to be able to share my joy, wisdom and techniques in drawing, painting, design and sculpture with my high school students.

Artist Statement

Lifelong artist, teacher, traveler, explorer of nature, searcher of meaning, artistic problem solver, experimenter and comfort zone breaker. I am trained in illustration and realistic drawings and paintings, but in recent years my heart is in expressing emotions and ideas, therefore evoking a mood with colors and shapes. My emotions, whether they are content, in turmoil, happy or amused, are translated into my works of art. Each piece I share with the world has a deep meaning to me and it is always fascinating to hear how it is perceived by others.

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    All sales and inquiries are through the Karin Clarke Gallery at the Gordon