Bertelsen Rd/Bailey Hill Rd Roundabout

Description of Need

The intersection of Bertelsen Road at Bailey Hill Road is a 3-leg intersection, with Bertelsen Road terminating at Bailey Hill Road.  Analysis of data at this intersection showed a high number of vehicle turning movement crashes.  Staff investigations and follow-up with citizen complaints identified speed as a major factor in these crashes.  The intersection serves as a transition between higher-speed rural highway and dense urbanized area.  Exacerbating the need for intersection redesign is the recent installation of a trailhead and parking lot for Wild Iris Ridge Park.

Proposed Roundabout Location

Proposed Solution

City Traffic Engineers have identified a roundabout as the preferred safety solution at the Bertelsen Road/Bailey Hill Road intersection.  Roundabouts are a proven countermeasure to reduce vehicle speeds and severity of crashes at intersections.  Additionally, this roundabout will serve as a gateway to the City of Eugene and help to slow vehicle speeds as they enter the urbanized area.

What will be Constructed

A roundabout will be installed in the intersection of Bertelsen Road at Bailey Hill Road.  The design will also include enhanced pedestrian crossings of Bertelsen Road/Bailey Hill Road and overhead lighting at the intersection.

How is the Project Funded?

The City of Eugene received a grant from the Oregon Department of Transportation to fund the project.

What is the Timeline

The roundabout is currently in design with construction anticipated to occur in 2023.

Who do I Contact for Additional Information?

Please contact Reed Dunbar, Senior Transportation Planner, with any comments or requests for additional information.


Phone: 541-682-5727

City of Springfield Roundabout Brochure