Volunteer Program

Volunteers maintain trails, remove invasive plants, care for community gardens, spruce up playgrounds, plant natives, interact directly with park guests as a tour guide or docent – and so much more. Your options for going out, getting dirty and giving back are as interesting as you are. Join our outstanding team of volunteers and staff coordinators. Learn new skills, meet awesome people, and improve the quality-of-life in Eugene.

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Volunteer Program 2022

Stormwater Annual Report

Stormwater is water that originates from rain, hail and snow. Stormwater infiltrates to become groundwater, forms ponds and puddles, or contributes to surface runoff. Pollution of stormwater is a concern for cities and nearby waterways because it can negatively impact water quality and habitat of local watersheds.  

Volunteers help mitigate the pollution of stormwater by planting trees and shrubs to help absorb and filter stormwater, by removing invasive species for conveyance and to support native habitat, and cleaning up trash along waterways. To read more about our efforts, see our latest Stormwater Annual Report.

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