Eugene Outdoors

planting ferns in WJ Park

Activating the power of parks

Maintain trails, remove invasive plants, care for community gardens, spruce up playgrounds, plant natives, interact directly with park guests as a tour guide or docent – and so much more. Your options for going out, getting dirty and giving back are as interesting as you are. Join our outstanding team of volunteers and staff coordinators. Learn new skills, meet awesome people, and improve the quality-of-life in Eugene.

Whether you have time to volunteer one-time, for a few weeks, or years to come - Eugene Outdoors has a place for you. To find your perfect niche, check out the volunteer opportunities. 

Eugene Outdoors 2016 Year in Review

Información en español

Si deseas mezclar diversión con aventura en tu voluntariado, ¡llegaste al sito perfecto! Aprende habilidades nuevas, conoce personas maravillosas y ayuda a mejorar la calidad de vida de Eugene. Participa como voluntario individual, adopta un parque, o ven a gozar nuestras fiestas mensuales de trabajo. Sea cual sea tu estilo, Eugene Outdoors (Eugene al Aire Libre) tiene un lugar para ti.

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