Shared Micromobility Service License Application

Shared Micromobility Service Application Materials Checklist

On April 19, 2022, Administrative Order No. 58-22-02-F was signed into effect. It establishes Shared Micromobility Service License Administrative Rule R-3.570, which includes a one year Shared-Use Electric Scooter Pilot Program to evaluate whether a more permanent program is compatible with City goals. These goals are reinforced by its Climate Action Plan 2.0 (Action T.23), Eugene 2035 Transportation System Plan, and the Vision Zero Action Plan, and include:

(1)    Providing and encouraging a safe, convenient, and economic transportation system;

(2)    Increasing transportation choices and reducing reliance on automobiles;

(3)    Increasing the number of active transportation trips that occur;

(4)    Climate recovery through the reduction of fossil fuel consumption;

(5)    A fair and equitable transportation system that addresses the needs of all travelers; and

(6)    The health and safety of all transportation users in the City of Eugene.

To participate in the Shared-Use Electric Scooter Pilot Program, businesses must apply for a Micromobility Service License in accordance with the conditions set out in sections R-3.570-B and R-3.570-C of Administrative Rule R-3.570. 

The City of Eugene is not currently accepting materials. 

Conditional Approval for Shared Micromobility Service License

  • A $500 Non-Refundable Application Fee
  • Signed Certification of Compliance
  • 24-hr Customer Service Phoneline
  • Life Cycle Analysis
  • End-of-Life Plan
  • Operations and Maintenance Plan
    • Operations Service Area Map
    • Staging Locations Map
    • Launch Schedule
    • Service Rates
  • Vehicle Miles Traveled and Fuel/Energy Consumed Reporting
  • Community Engagement and Equity Plan
  • Privacy Policy
  • User Enforcement Plan
  • Operations/Employment Plan
  • Adaptive Micromobility Device Plan

Final Approval for Shared Micromobility Service License

  • Signed Operations Agreement between the City and the applicant
  • Proof of Insurance - Commercial General Liability, Automobile Liability, Cyber Liability, and Workers' Compensation
  • Signed Operations Agreement between the University of Oregon and the applicant
  • Signed Operations Agreement between the entity managing local micromobility device operations and the applicant
  • Per-vehicle operation fee
  • License fee