Current Projects

Stewardship of the more than 4,600 acres of park land in Eugene is a multi-faceted effort that includes daily operations, short- and long-range planning and construction, renovation, and restoration projects of a variety of scales and budgets. The projects broadly fall in to three categories: park construction projects, natural area restoration projects, and planning projects. Funding for the projects comes from a variety of sources, including park maintenance and development construction funds, outside grants, and donations.

Construction Projects

Amazon Park Playground Renovation

Amazon Park playground is getting a big facelift! Renovations will improve accessibility for all visitors. Improvements include:
  • New playground equipment
  • Smooth, wheelchair-friendly surfacing
  • New drainage
  • New and wider concrete sidewalks
  • New park tables, benches and receptacles
  • Removal of old wading pool and west play area (to be replaced with lawn)
  • Renovation of the area south of the playground to include lawn, trees and benches
Don’t worry, though, our friend the dinosaur is here to stay, along with the fire engine!

Project Schedule: The playground area will reopen in summer 2017.
Project Budget: $1,200,000
Project Contact: Emily Proudfoot, Landscape Architect, POS Planning

Natural Area Restoration Projects

Oak Enhancement/Fuels Reduction

2017 Locations: Suzanne Arlie Park, Skinner Butte Park, Coryell Ridge, Wild Iris Ridge, and South Eugene Meadows
This project will build on an investment of work initiated under multiple grants from the Bureau of Land Management, Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board, and the Willamette Wildlife Mitigation Program. Tasks will primarily include removing invasive species and overly dense small trees, and seeding/planting of native species.

The work is intended to satisfy three goals in our natural areas:
  1. Restore oak habitat and associated wildlife species considered rare in the Willamette Valley 
  2. Improve the health of mixed and conifer forests through selective thinning and invasive plant treatment
  3. Lessen risk of a damaging wildfire by reducing dense, invasive vegetation and heavy fuel loads
Project Schedule: Summer and fall 2017
Project Budget: $75,000 of City of Eugene funding matched to more than $800,000 in grant funding since 2011
Project Contact: Emily Steel, Restoration Ecologist, POS Planning

Example of "before" condition              Example of "after" condition
example of before condition  example of after condition

Skinner Butte and Whilamut Natural Area
Invasive Species Management

This project will be to abate negative impacts of primarily English ivy and blackberry in riparian (streamside) and upland areas of these popular parks. The goals are to:
  1. Maintain high quality wildflowers where present in the riparian forest 
  2. Protect trees overgrown with ivy, especially those growing streamside 
  3. Manage the spread of invasive blackberry
Project Schedule: Various times throughout 2016
Project Budget: $50,000
Project Contact: Lauri Holts, Ecologist, POS Planning

Delta Ponds Ludwigia Aquatic Weed Control

Ludwigia is a dangerous, invasive plant threatening the Delta Ponds ecosystem. Read more about this issue and the corrective measures that the City is taking.

Planning Projects

Parks and Recreation System Plan

PARKS and RECreate is a process to plan for the future and identify priorities for the next 10 to 20 years of parks and recreation in Eugene by:

• Addressing current problems
• Preparing for future population growth and trends
• Creating a vision to benefit current and future generations

Visit the project page to read about all the latest project and system visioning updates!

Suzanne Arlie Park Master Plan

The public process to develop a master plan governing future development of the entire 516-acre park began in early May 2016.

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