HEARTSafe Community

Logo Heart Safe Community, blue green and black

Eugene Springfield Fire is committed to making the Eugene-Springfield community a HEARTSafe Community. We are focused on increasing cardiac arrest survival rates through awareness, education, and partnering with organizations that further this mission. 

What is a HEARTSafe Community?

Eugene Springfield Fire is leading the initiative to make our community safer. In order to be designated a HEARTSafe Community, the Eugene-Springfield area must meet the following criteria:

  • A lead organization (Eugene Springfield Fire) will oversee and coordinate HEARTSafe efforts
  • Collection of and analysis of cardiac arrest data
  • 15% of the community population is trained in CPR within 12 months with intent to train an additional 15% each year
  • Identify and formally recognize community members who perform CPR in an an effort to save a life
  • Increase public awareness of sudden cardiac arrest and encourage bystander intervention
  • Implement a Telecommunicator CPR (T-PCR) Program (9-1-1 Calltakers providing CPR instruction over the phone)
  • Emergency Medical Services provider has a quality improvement process 
  • Establish secondary public health measure supporting cardiovascular wellness (education, prevention, and systems of care)
  • Schools and municipal buildings have effective emergency response plans for cardiac arrest
  • AEDs have permanent placement in public and private locations, i.e. shopping malls, supermarkets, theaters, etc.
  • Establish and participate in an AED registry
  • First responder agencies (law enforcement or fire department) are defibrillation capable
  • Emergency Medical Services provider practices "high-performance" CPR