Path Etiquette

The City's path etiquette campaign aims to promote courtesy and safety among all shared-use path users and includes community outreach, education, media and temporary signage.


The City launched the first phase of the campaign in July 2021. Throughout July and August staff popped up around Eugene with surveys, fun prizes, and biking resources and maps. The second phase of the campaign launched September 2021, with print and online media, signage along paths, speed monitoring along popular paths, and further data collection. 

Phase two occurred during Summer 2022 and included improved messaging, more events, pop-up temporary signage along the paths, work on permanent signage, and direct education to users who have vehicles that are not allowed on the path system. 

In Fall 2022 permanent path etiquette signs we placed throughout the path system. Additional outreach and direct education will continue through Summer 2023. 

Shared-Use Path Etiquette

Path Etiquette Poster

  • Paths are for everyone — show courtesy to all path users.

  • Stay right, pass left — travel on the right-hand side and pass on the left. Stay in your lane.

  • Give warning when passing — call "passing on your left” or ring a bell.

  • Go a safe speed —  12mph or less is best when others are present. Slow down around curves.

  • Follow the speed limit — only go the max speed (20mph bikes/e-bikes, 15mph for e-scooters) if alone on the path.

  • Stay visible — use lights and reflective clothing at night (lights are legally required for bikes and scooters).

  • Dogs on a short leash —  avoid tripping and injuries.

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