Jefferson Street Traffic Calming

Project Description

Jefferson Street Traffic Calming Project Area Opens in new windowIn response to neighborhood concerns about speeding traffic on Jefferson Street between 13th and 28th Avenues, and a history of traffic, the City installed a traffic calming project in November 2021.

The intent of the traffic calming project is to address speeding traffic and improve the comfort and safety of the people using the street. Jefferson Street has been identified as a Vision Zero corridor where efforts are focused to reduce crashes and improve safety for all people using the street.

The City held a community meeting on February 26 where we shared more about the project (thanks to all those who came to the meeting). You can download the community presentation here. We also have an image of the approximate locations of the speed cushions.

What is a speed cushion?

Speed Cushion on Avalon StreetSpeed cushions slow traffic like speed humps while also allowing emergency vehicles to move through the area. We have installed speed humps in many different areas around the city including nearby Lincoln and Friendly streets.

More information about traffic calming is available at: