Eugene Enhanced Walking Network

Enhanced Crossing

Project Description

The Eugene Enhanced Walking Network project implements a few segments of the walking network identified in the Transportation Systems Plan to facilitate safe connections for people walking to bus stops, schools, parks, employment centers and residential areas. Project elements include installation of enhanced pedestrian crossings and construction of sidewalks. 

The projects identified for enhanced pedestrian crossing and sidewalk infill are located in neighborhoods throughout Eugene. These projects will occur on popular walking routes that coincide with transit stops and recommendations from Safe Routes to School partners.

Enhanced crossing project locations include:

  • Irvington Drive and Hyacinth Street (near Irving Elementary School)
  • Royal Avenue at Peterson Barn Community Center
  • 18th Avenue and Peppertree Drive (near Churchill High School)
  • 28th Avenue and McLean Avenue
  • Amazon Path and 24th Avenue (near Roosevelt Middle School) 

Sidewalks will be added to the following streets:

  • West side of North Danebo Avenue from Barger Drive to Souza Street
  • West side of North Terry Street from Royal Avenue to Donohoe Avenue
  • North side of West 15th Avenue from Chambers Street to Grant Street
  • East side of Hilyard Street from 38th Avenue to 36th Place

Project Map

Property Impacts

All projects are occurring within public rights-of-way.  Enhanced pedestrian crossings are not likely to impact private properties as they generally occur within the street.  Sidewalk infill may infringe upon lawn, planting, or other elements that currently exist within the public right-of-way, but are privately maintained.  The City of Eugene is making every effort to avoid disturbing personal property during this project, but some impacts may be unavoidable.  To find out if elements you currently maintain with the public realm are impacted please click on the map below that corresponds with your street frontage.  If there are plantings or other private property (such as fencing) within the shaded right-of-way line, there is potential that these elements may be disturbed.



This project is scheduled for construction in late 2022 or early 2023.  It will be completed by end of summer 2023. 


The major source of funding is from the Oregon Department of Transportation through the federal Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality (CMAQ) program.  

  1. Reed Dunbar (he/him)

    Transportation Planner
    Phone: 541-682-5727