Bridge of the Month

Found monthly in 2018 InMotion articles the "Bridge of the Month" feature tells the story of a dozen bridges that help move people using active transportation in Eugene. Here they are gathered for reference. 

  1. Knickerbocker
  2. Autzen
  3. DeFazio
  4. Ferry Street
  5. Greenway
  6. Owosso
  7. I-5/Beltline
  8. Blue Heron
  9. Buck Street
  10. Richardson
  11. Commerce

Knickerbocker Bridge

Knickerbocker Bridge Overlook (new)I-5 Bridge and Knickerbocker Bridge Arial

The February Bridge of the Month is the Knickerbocker Bridge. Named after Willie Knickerbocker this bridge was constructed by EWEB in 1980. Like many bridges over the Willamette River, EWEB had a need to deliver utility services across the river. In this case, the city and county paid extra to have a bridge deck and railing added to the utility project. The Knickerbocker Bridge is located just west of I-5 and is most often used by people traveling between Springfield and the UO campus area in Eugene.  

Willie Knickerbocker, whom the bridge is named for, was considered by some to be “the father of bicycling in Eugene."  Born in 1868, Willie was known for riding his fixed-gear bicycle great distances. Some folks claimed he rode to Mexico and back. Willie was a fixture in the community, always riding his bicycle, and often performing tricks for local children and riding in the Eugene Pet Parade in the 1950s.  


In December 2018 a new plaque, with Willie’s picture, was installed to replace an older one that had been removed. 

2018 Plaque5