Fire Prevention Education

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Fire Prevention Week is October 3-9, 2021!

This year's theme is "Know the Sounds of Fire Safety!" From beeps to chirps, this year we will help you learn about the sounds smoke and CO alarms make and what to do when you hear them.  To kick things off, Interim Fire Chief Chris Heppel has a message to share with all of you.

Resources for Educators

Sounds of Fire Safety Videos & Activities

ESF Teaches the Sounds of Fire Safety

What's that sound? Learn the sounds of fire safety from Deputy Fire Marshal Dahl.

Suggested Activity: Get to Know Smoke Alarms Worksheet

"What's That Sound?"

Learn about the sounds of fire safety with Recess Monkey and Sparky the Fire Dog.

"I Spy" Sounds of Fire Safety

Teach children how to recognize the sounds of fire safety. This fun video gives easy fire safety tips for the whole family.

Suggested Activity: What Order?

Fire Safety Minute

Plan your fire escape in less than a minute! This fire safety minute video will give kids the tools they need to be safe in under a minute!

Suggested Activity: Home Fire Escape Planning

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Smoke Alarms

What if myself or someone in my home is deaf or hard of hearing?

Make sure your smoke and CO alarms meet the needs of all your family members, including those with sensory or physical disabilities.

Sparky the Fire Dog Coloring Sheet

Coloring Sheet with Sparky the Fire Dog and "Beep Beep Beep"

Sparky the Fire Dog Coloring Sheet (Spanish)

Coloring Sheet Thumbnail (Spanish)

Home Fire Escape Planning Activity

Family Escape Planning Activity

Home Fire Escape Planning Activity (Spanish)

FPW Grid Thumbnail Spanish

Fire Prevention Week Completion Certificate

FPW Completion Certificate

Smoke Alarm Safety Check Calendar

Smoke Alarm Safety Sheet

Get to Know Smoke Alarms Worksheet

Get to Know Smoke Alarms

What Order? Family Fire Safety Activity

FPW Ordering Activity

How to Fold an Origami Dog Activity

Origami Dog

Additional Videos & Activities

What Do Firefighters Wear?

Come along with Firefighter Hayes as he shows you the different uniforms  firefighters wear to keep them safe!

Suggested Activity: Firefighter Paper Dolls

Fire Engine Tour

Come along with Engineer Manley and tour a real fire engine!

Suggested Activity: Fire Engine Coloring Sheet

When & How to Call 9-1-1

Learn when and how to call 9-1-1 for help on different kinds of phones.

Suggested Activity: 9-1-1 Workbook for Kids

Stay Safe in the Kitchen

Learn how to stay safe in the kitchen while cooking!

Story Time With the Fire Chief

"Fireman Small" by Wong Herbert Yee

Fireman Small has a busy day rescuing people and fighting fires... and it's not over yet. Just as he's preparing for a good night's sleep, the fire bell rings yet again!

Read by Fire Chief Chris Heppel

"Firefighters A to Z" by Chris L. Demarest

From the minute the fire alarm rings, the day of a firefighter is filled with adventure -- and danger. Wherever there is a fire, we can be sure that firefighters will always be there!

Read by Fire Chief Chris Heppel