Ralf Huber

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Ralf Huber

Ukraine, 2021

Mixed media assemblage, 23 x 18 x 1.5 in


On display at the Downtown Eugene Public Library

Artist Bio

Having created designs for t-shirts and commemorative coins for 20 years, the desire of creating art not for customers but art that reflects my own thoughts and beliefs, in particular about social justice an environmental issues, has been growing in me. Working in mixed media since early 2020, I could call my style "art with purpose," leaning towards conceptual art, but with higher emphasis on execution and esthetics. My work has been displayed at the New Zone Gallery, Emeralds Art Center, Philomath Museum, Eugene Airport, Windermere and Epic Seconds.

Artist Statement

I created the mixed media assemblage piece "Ukraine" in November and December 2021, during the Russian military buildup at the Ukrainian border. It was sparked by the fear of war descending upon the country like a black lightning bolt out of a colorful sky. "Ukraine" tries to display the horrors of war: land mines, cyber warfare, air assault, atomic threat, devastation and fear. With children being the most vulnerable, scarred for life if they survive. All this was watched by war profiteers. When finishing the piece my hope was high that the war will not happen, that humanity will prevail. The hope did not come true. All elements used for this assemblage are found, reused or repurposed.

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