Karen Higgins

Karen Higgins Sweet Creek Falls, Mapleton, watercolor

Karen Higgins

Sweet Creek Falls, Mapleton OR, 2021

Watercolor, 18 x 14 x 1 in

-450 (sold)

On display at the Downtown Eugene Public Library

Artist Bio

I am a local Eugene artist who has been working with watercolors for about 10 years. I have wonderful memories of when I was younger watching my mother paint in oils, and I spent a few years working with oils in my early 20s. I often thought that after I retired from Oregon State University I might pick up painting again. Then, after 22 years at Oregon State University in mathematics education, I met a watercolor artist who encouraged me to once again pick up a paintbrush.

When I first started working with watercolors, I knew nothing about technique, paper, colors or styles. I often created out of my head, sometimes whimsical and always with awe about this amazing medium. Over the past six years, I have learned about blending and the place of water in my work. Watercolors are both a challenge and a mystery, as one never truly knows where the final painting will end up.

I discovered that I especially love painting nature-inspired pieces. I really enjoy painting from my own photographs or those sent to me from friends, but I will still go back to those creative roots. My work has been described as bordering between realism and impressionism. Overall, I continue to learn and am enjoying this new adventure in my life. I look forward to sharing my work with the Eugene Community (and beyond) and I find immense pleasure imagining my work in other peoples’ homes.

Artist Statement

We live in a beautiful state, and I find that nature often inspires my work – the colors, the light, the textures of the landscapes. This particular piece was inspired by a hike with a friend one beautiful spring morning at Sweet Creek Falls, a gem of a place in Mapleton, Oregon. I find painting all the greenery we see around us to be challenging with watercolors. What I especially like about this piece is the capturing of light, shadows and color. I want my work to transport the viewer to the waterfalls, to hear their power and see their beauty. If this is an area in which the viewer is familiar then I want this piece to recall a treasured memory of a special time at a special place.

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