Nissie Ellison

Nissie Ellison Human, graphite on sketch paper

Nissie Ellison

Human, 2021

Graphite on sketch paper, 14 x 10 in


On display at the Downtown Eugene Public Library

Artist Bio

I have taught for almost 30 years in California and Oregon. I have taught a variety of visual arts at the high school level including drawing, painting, ceramics, found objects and mixed media. I have also taught art history at both high school and college levels for most of this same time period. I am currently a member at the Maude Kerns Art Center and Emerald Art Center as I transition into more of a professional artist in this community. My work is eclectic and varied and is mostly two-dimensional.

Artist Statement

I have taught visual arts and art history for almost 30 years and continue to find inspiration from the collaborative work with my students. My work is difficult to categorize because I am constantly exploring new approaches in mediums, subject matters and techniques. For myself, being an artist is the best excuse to be constantly learning. My work ranges from portraiture to abstraction, from graphite to oils and from meticulous to expressive.

I work primarily two-dimensionally in drawing and painting though forays into mixed media, and found objects do occur as well. Art historical references are also a common thread in my work. My most prevalent motif is creating art that captures the audience's attention through beauty. Beauty, for me, is a spiritual and intellectual pursuit. This particular piece "Human" is in response to children being held in isolation at the southern border of the United States. My hope is that this piece makes the viewer look closely at the humanity in all of us and recognize the compassion that is essential for our survival in this difficult time. The beauty of this child can elicit our best instincts and responses to each other.

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