SRTS Projects 2020-2024

Oregon Department of Transportation awarded Safe Routes to School (SRTS) grant funding to the city to improve walking and bicycling infrastructure used by students going to and from school. Funding is being used on specific projects in the Bethel and Eugene 4J school districts. Read more about specific projects that are receiving grant funding below.

River Road at Hatton: SRTS Crossing Project 

Students living on the east side of River Road experience the 5-lane arterial as a significant barrier to walking and biking to school. High travel volume, vehicle speeds, and long distances between marked crossings all present challenges for students walking and biking to Howard Elementary and Kelly Middle School from the east side of River Road.  This project is utilizing Safe Routes to School Rapid Response funds that were awarded after a fatal crash took the life of a community member crossing at this location in January of 2020. Construction is planned for late summer 2023.

The River Road at Hatton SRTS crossing project plans to: 

  • Install a high-visibility marked crosswalk with Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon pedestrian lights and signage 
  • Construct a center pedestrian refuge island  
  • Add additional lighting to the location

Bethel Area Projects

Bethel Crossing Projects

Students walking or biking to Prairie Mountain School must cross busy arterial streets to get to school. Finding appropriate gaps for safe crossings of these streets can be challenging and pedestrian crashes have been recorded in the proposed enhanced crossing locations. Construction is planned for late summer 2023. 

The Bethel SRTS crossings project plans to:

  • Install a Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon pedestrian light at Royal Avenue at Throne Drive (there is an existing pedestrian crossing island and crosswalk)
  • Install a Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon pedestrian light, construct a crossing island, and paint crosswalk markings near the Danebo Avenue and Unthank Drive intersection

Echo Hollow Corridor Planning

The Safe Routes to School Program (SRTS) in Bethel has identified the Echo Hollow Corridor as a primary area in need of safety improvements for school children and their families. With so many destinations along the Echo Hollow Road corridor, including Willamette High School, Cascade Middle School, and Echo Hollow Pool, the City of Eugene and SRTS applied for a grant through ODOT to explore transportation safety improvements for all road users. 

Planners held several community meetings and site visits to analyze the corridor and create a recommended concept. The recommendation includes wider sidewalks, protected bike lanes, reduced lane widths, and more frequent crosswalks. 

This project has only been funded through the preliminary planning stage, meaning the newly developed concept will be used to apply for grants and secure funding. Once funding is secured, additional planning and community engagement will occur to create a fully-fledged corridor design. 

The City is now seeking comments and feedback on the corridor concept. Please submit comments to Reed Dunbar, Senior Transportation Planner at by September 27th.

Howard Avenue Safety Project

Howard Avenue is currently a two-lane road with shoulders for most of its length. Howard is signed at 25 miles per hour but people driving consistently exceed the speed limit. A 2018 speed study report indicated that 50% of drivers travel over the speed limit and 15% of drivers travel more than 10 miles per hour over the speed limit. 

Neighbors, community members, and parents have identified the need to create a safer and more comfortable way for students and others to walk and bike on Howard. Creating a safer walking and biking environment on Howard is particularly important to connect students who wish to walk and bike to Howard Elementary School and Kelly Middle School, both of which are located on Howard. 

The Howard Avenue project plans to:

  • Construct a physically protected walking and bicycling space on the south side of Howard from where the current sidewalk ends between Grove Street and Lake Drive to River Road 
  • Add a short stretch of sidewalk along the south side of Howard near the intersection with River Road
  • Add more space for people walking and biking to wait at the southwest corner of River Road and Howard Avenue 
  • Add speed cushions from N Park Avenue to River Road
  • Repave the roadway from N Park Avenue to River Road
  • Update all streetlights to LED (if not already updated)

Howard Avenue Timeline

The city plans for construction on Howard Avenue to take place between June and August of 2024, while schools are on summer break. 

Howard Avenue Public Engagement + Questions 

Visit the Howard Avenue Safety Project Engage Eugene page to learn more about the community engagement process for the project, including upcoming opportunities to comment on the draft street design!

The Engage Eugene page also contains information to help answer questions related to funding and annexation of the public right of way.

  1. Catherine Rohan

    Associate Transportation Planner