Safe Sleep Sites

An aerial view of the Safe Sleep site at 310 Garfield St. in Eugene.

On April 28, 2021, the Eugene City Council approved an ordinance to create more safe and lawful places for people to sleep. The ordinance allows for the temporary establishment of “safe parking” and “safe tent” sites that could provide options for individuals to legally park their vehicles or sleep in tents. These sites may accommodate a larger number of vehicles or tents than previously allowed by code, up to 60 vehicles or up to 40 tents. The sites are managed by social service providers who are responsible for compliance with rules and community agreements, monitoring who is allowed to be on-site, coordinating ongoing site infrastructure needs, being accessible and responsive to neighbor concerns, and coordinating with the City and other partners. The ordinance is in effect until May 1, 2023, unless extended.

Safe Sleep (Parking) Site Sign Up

To sign up for a parking spot at the at 310 Garfield Safe Sleep site, complete the Safe Sleep Waiting List form.

Safe Sleep Site Locations

Updated 3/22/2022

310 Garfield St. 

The City of Eugene opened its first Safe Sleep site at 310 Garfield St. on October 4, 2021. The site reached capacity mid-October and accommodates up to 55 vehicles used for shelter, along with additional vehicles used by those residents for transportation. Most of the vehicles at the site have been in unsanctioned streets in west Eugene. St. Vincent de Paul Society of Lane County operates the site, which has a waiting list and remains full. The site has served more than 130 people to date. 

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Everyone Village 

Approved as a Safe Sleep site by City Council on September 29; operated by Everyone Village (Everyone Church). Occupancy is more than 40, in a mix of vehicles and small shelters. About half of occupants are from west Eugene and half from the temporary camp at Washington Jefferson Park. Recent developments include:

  • Accommodating campers with pets who have been staying at Washington Jefferson Park: a total of 16 occupants with pets moved in between February 22-March 16, including ; arranging for pro bono veterinary services, and exploring feasibility with Greenhill Humane Society and University of Oregon design students on developing dog park on-site to better accommodate pets and minimize neighborhood impacts
  • Striping for asphalt parking lot, for fire lane and to delineate space for additional small dwellings; staff and some occupants will begin parking on the street (with visible EveryOne Village parking placards) to help deter recurrences of vehicle street camping in the area.

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410 Garfield St. 

Opened February 22. Operated by St. Vincent de Paul Society of Lane County. A total of 59 people occupying 55 tents moved into the site from the temporary camp at Washington Jefferson Park between February 22 and March 16. Those who had stayed at WJ consistently meeting the temporary camp criteria were offered the first opportunity to move in. The City provided transportation and moving assistance to those who requested it. Four other people from a monitored camp near WJ, at Skinner Butte Park, also moved to the site by March 16, bringing the total to 63 people in 59 tents at 410. The Safe Sleep site’s features include: 

  • 86 total indoor camp spaces
  • Each camp space is provided a mat, tent (8'x8'x8' canopy-style), sleeping pad and bag, two 38-gallon storage container for personal items, one 18-gallon container for perishables, a radiator-style electric heater, chair and side table
  • Restrooms, access to water, garbage service
  • One meal provided on-site daily
  • Shower trailer on-site
  • Laundry vouchers
  • Indoor and outdoor gathering areas
  • On-site access to medical and social services
  • Close to public transportation
  • Bike racks available
  • WiFi hotspot on-site, courtesy Eugene Public Library

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2243 Roosevelt Blvd.

Approved as a Safe Sleep site by City Council on September 29; the site is owned by SquareOne Villages. The service provision model is being developed and reviewed. Preparations have been underway for opening as soon as practicable:

  • Water service and sewer lines installed  
  • Conduit for power has been installed
  • Community Supported Shelters installing a total of 19 Conestoga huts; new leveled and graveled pads added to accommodate these dwellings
  • Existing pallet shelters will move to new pads following upgraded power installation, followed by more pallet shelters from Lane County
  • Shop design nearly complete


Chase Commons Park   

Staff are still working to identify a best-use model. The site has water and electricity available for connection in the street. Plans for extensive engagement with the neighborhood are underway, after the provider and model are finalized.

Washington Jefferson Park Temporary Camp

Updated 3/22/2022

Temporary camp closed March 16. The area of the park south of the railroad tracks is fenced and secured for later restoration, with no public entry allowed. A total of 59 people from 45 camp spaces moved from this location to the Safe Sleep site at 410 Garfield St. A total of 15 people from 11 camp spaces with pets moved into Everyone Village during that time. A total of 19 camp spaces vacated the park between February 18-March 16 without choosing a Safe Sleep site option. Outreach teams from the City and St. Vincent de Paul began visiting each camp space starting February 22 to share site information, answer questions, and sign interested campers up and arrange for move-in to 410 Garfield St. The City provided transportation and moving assistance. Occupants with pets were offered space at Everyone Village and moving assistance. No police enforcement was required in occupants leaving the park. Two tents were intentionally burned (no injuries) around dawn on the morning of the park closure. A total of 10 people moved into 410 Garfield St. on March 16, the day of the closure. Nearly 75 percent of the occupied camp spaces at the start of the transition period chose to move into Safe Sleep sites.