Downtown Projects - Good Things Are Coming!

Ongoing Downtown Projects

Three large projects are currently underway or about to begin in Downtown Eugene: the Farmers Market Pavilion, 8th Avenue Streetscape, and Broadway Streatery.

Interior rendering of the future Park Blocks Pavilion.

Farmers Market Pavilion

A new, year-round home for the Lane County Farmers Market  is being built on the Northwest Park Block.

The Lane County Farmers Market is one of the anchors of our community: a place where we can buy fresh, local produce but also an event where we can meet up with a friend or run into a neighbor. The new Park Blocks Pavilion and Plaza will support this beloved institution, giving the Market more space to grow while showing our community’s pride in our local farms and food producers.


The designs for the Pavilion came as part of the Town Square project, which started in May of 2019 to re-imagine the public space at the intersection of 8th Avenue and Oak Street. While minor improvements will be made to the Park Blocks in the near future, including the construction of a public restroom, a larger Park Blocks and City Hall design will remain on hold as the city explores ways to fund the full community vision. 

Learn more about the Farmers Market Pavilion.

8th Avenue Streetscape

8th Avenue is being repaved from Lincoln to Mill Street and converted for two-way traffic. Protected bike lanes will be constructed from High to Lincoln street, and 4-way and 2-way stops will be added at key intersections. The sidewalks will also be widened and access ramps reconstructed. Motor vehicle parking on the south side of 8th Avenue will be removed and parking on the north side will be relocated away from the curb, to allow for the protected bike lanes. The protected bike lanes will have wide concrete curbs that will separate vehicle traffic and bike traffic (similar to 13th Avenue Bikeway). The project aims to create a safe travel option for community members of all ages and abilities to access Downtown Eugene. 


Early in the COVID-19 pandemic, the streatery program was created to foster outdoor dining experiences at the heart of our community, allowing restaurants and bars to expand additional outdoor seating into the street. See the Streatery Program web page for information on active streateries in Eugene.

The Broadway Streatery is reopened to auto traffic at this time, but many businesses are still using streatery permits to serve customers in this popular outdoor area. Stay tuned to City news outlets for future updates on the Broadway Streatery.