Past Temporary Exhibitions

Windowfront Exhibitions pastWindowfront Exhibitions

Downtown Eugene’s empty storefronts become galleries and spaces for artists to demonstrate their craft. Come downtown by foot, car or bike to enjoy windowfronts transformed into art installations. View all past Windowfront Exhibitions.

Mika Aono Art is PowerArt is Power

Displayed: August 6-13, 2021 during visual arts week

Location: 99 W. 10th Ave. & 873 Willamette Street

Look for Prints created by Mika Aono in downtown windows. Aono’s work is included in a group exhibition in the Harold and Arlene Schnitzer Gallery featuring works by artists who received the JSMA Black Lives Matter Artist Grant Program awards.

David Walker Stella NovaDavid Walker

Displayed: August 7-15, 2020 during Visual Arts Week

101 W. 10th Ave., LCC Titan Store

David Walker has been creating wooden wearable art for 19 years. His pieces have been in international competitions and exhibitions around the world. Three of his wooden wearable garments will be displayed along with projected images of the pieces being worn.

Earth Bound Moon Jorah frameEarthbound Moon

Displayed: August 7-15, 2020 during Visual Arts Week

Posters at 100 W. 10th Ave., Eugene Public Library

For Eugene’s Visual Arts Week, Earthbound Moon invites you to collaborate with five artists on a series of DIY artworks. We have commissioned five Create-Your-Own-Sculpture Treasure Hunts. You can find the posters for the Treasure Hunts in the windows of Eugene’s Public Library.


  • Eugene Difficult Music Ensemble invites you to create a musical composition as a preview of their 2021 multimedia performance, The Eugene Garbage Project. 
  • Jorah LaFleur provides a Treasure Hunt that will culminate in a new work of sculptural poetry and poetic sculpture. 
  • Mija Andrade encourages you to build a sculpture unlike any you ever imagined before.
  • Pat Luther has written a play in six scenes, each scene a single page available at a different location. Perform one scene or collect them all and perform the whole play.
  • Patricia Montoya Donohue’s Treasure hunt guides you in the creation of a spellbinding mandala. 

Black is BeautifulBlack is Beautiful

Displayed: August 7-15, 2020 during Visual Arts Week

100 W. 10th Ave., along westside of Eugene Downtown Library on Charnelton Street.

Created for the Eugene 2020 Juneteenth, this piece measures 60 feet long and was created by the Eugene BIPOC Artist Collective to celebrate and stand in solidarity with our black and African American Community members.

Black is Beautiful

DanceabilityDanceAbility International

Viewable: August 7-15, 2020 8:30 pm-midnight during Visual Arts Week

10th & Willamette storefront

Presented by Harmonic Laboratory

DanceAbility International’s mission is to dissolve barriers and connect people with and without disabilities through dance and movement. Harmonic Laboratory has lent their digital expertise to present a projection of the historical perspective of DanceAbility International performing company, viewable in the evening hours.

Windowfront with Open installationReflections Space: OPEN

Displayed: November 2-December 21, 2020

245 W. 8th Avenue

Brought to you by Eugene Contemporary Art & Gray Space

The artist memberships of Eugene Contemporary Art and Gray Space Project are pleased to present Reflections Space: OPEN whose intention is to engage with viewers and leave them with open-ended questions about place and longing for their personal reflection and individual response. The project will consist of individual, looped videos created by Gray Space members Vicki Amorose, Michael Boonstra, Renee Couture, Sandee McGee, Andy Myers and Leah Wilson. As our community emerges from quarantine, it will once again engage with familiar locations. 

Visitors and those who live and work in the Downtown Eugene area will experience its space differently and anew. The relationship of self to place is critical and it is important to reclaim and refresh those locations in order to build meaning and heal over time. To stand in front of a video screen for reflection is comparable to reflecting on mnemonic devices in illuminated manuscripts or other historic and meditative traditions. Art has the ability to change one’s perception and develop insight. At its best it is simultaneously an intimate and a universal experience, and transcends that which separates or partitions us off from one another. Rather than an activity that demands an immediate response and demonstrates viewer engagement through accumulated clicks, we will offer the radical experience of true reflection. 

River Road Reflections EugArt404Reflections Space: River Road/Santa Clara

Displayed: Summer 2020-November 1, 2020

Southwest corner of River Road & Briarcliff 

Brought to you by Eug-Art 404

The artists of Eug-Art 404 will create a series of outdoor installations visible along River Road, composed of teardrop-shaped pieces individually created by artist members, community partners, other area artists, and neighbors of all ages. We ask participants to create drop-shaped art pieces to convey the themes of disruption, loss, reflection and hope, and all they may be experiencing during this time of crisis.

Reflections EugArt404

Reflections Snippets of EugeneReflections Space: Snippets of Eugene

Displayed: Summer 2020-December 2020

For details go to Eugene Printmakers

Brought to you by Eugene Printmakers 

“Snippets of Eugene” will become mementos of places in our beloved city that the residents of Eugene will be able to take home with them. They will also be invited to experience printing patterns of their own choosing. Our concept is to call attention to the textures and patterns that we live with and often overlook in our everyday lives, and call attention to them as beautiful and compelling prints. The Eugene public will be able to go home with patterns from their favorite places, places that contain memories of events that punctuate their lives.

Eugene Printmakers will be dressed in workers' coveralls and carry our printing supplies in buckets. We'll invite the public to printing locations that we announce on social media. Everyone is invited to watch our demonstrations as well as participate in printing and take home a print. We will also involve the public by asking for suggestions of interesting patterns in our dear city.  

The public will have a chance to purchase “Snippets of Eugene” in the form of printed T-shirts and bandanas, at each printing performance. The proceeds will be split among Eugene Printmakers and ArtCity, who has been generously hosting our studio space.

BRIDGE Summer 2019

August 2-31, 2019

Visual Arts Week and beyond!

The City of Eugene’s BRIDGE Exhibitions, creates opportunities for innovative, contemporary art projects, pieces and experiences that explore, express or reflect social, personal, political or ecological issues of the times. These works activate public spaces and highlight artists and arts organizations that creatively contribute to the current discourse in our community and beyond.

Darryl Evans - "Free Your Soles"

Free Your Soles imageAn installation of more than 1,000 shoes "freed" by our community. An abundance of both well-worn and pristine footwear will emerge from a tree at the intersection of 5th Ave. and Oak Street like low-hanging, wearable fruit. The changing social and physical environment at the tree’s urban location, along with the shoes’ origins and ultimate fate, are some of the elements shaping the meaning and message of Free Your Soles. A time lapse photographic record of the month-long evolution of the installation will be part of this artworks conclusion. At deinstallation, remaining shoes will be donated as appropriate, recycled if unusable, or reused in the artist’s next iteration of the work.

Sponsored by ArtCity Eugene with community partners City of Eugene Urban Forestry and Windermere Real Estate.

Tracy Sydor - "Miss Maple"

Miss MapleA character-based sculptural encounter appearing first at the Velvet Edge Boutique during Visual Arts Week. Miss Maple is born from Sydor’s childhood experience of a 1st grade teacher who stepped forward as a selfless protective presence. This memory has expanded into a figure of martyrdom and unquestioning protection within the artist’s personal mythology. Miss Maple will also inhabit the Forest of Tea and other locations during a portion of the August exhibition.


August 2-9, The Velvet Edge Boutique 

August 10-20, Forest of Tea

Aug 11- Sept 4, Location TBA 

Sponsored by Eugene Commercial Photography with community partners The Velvet Edge Boutique, MECCA and Forest of Tea.

Josh Sands - "Breathe, Step, Arrive" 

Josh Sands BSA

A series of artworks in the form of imagined transit maps located along the walkways from Smith Family Bookstore on Willamette Street to the intersection of 5th Ave. and Pearl Street. Physically produced as professional signage, Sand’s maps may offer our current location in relation to water resources, possible personal moods and psychological status, our current level of distraction verses interaction and more.

Sponsored by Imagination International with community partners LTD, FASTSIGNS and Smith Family Bookstores.


The Distance Between Us

Sponsored by Earthbound Moon

April 14-20, 2019

Willamette Street between 7th and 8th Avenues

The City of Eugene’s BRIDGE Exhibitions, creates opportunities for innovative, contemporary art projects, pieces and experiences that explore, express or reflect social, personal, political or ecological issues of the times. These works activate public spaces and highlight artists and arts organizations that creatively contribute to the current discourse in our community and beyond.

What if you lived in an artwork? What if we walked along a city street the way we walk through a museum? Can we see our surroundings as cultural treasures? The Distance Between Us is an artwork exploring these questions and many more.

For one week, Willamette Street between 7th and 8th Avenues will be turned into an artwork, The Distance Between Us. Fifteen businesses along this block are collaborating with fifteen artists. Each business/artist pair will create a limited edition work of art that doubles as a product of the business. The artworks are available through sales and engagement.

Throughout the exhibition, events will take place, including guided docent tours during the day; and discussions, live music and a pub quiz in the evenings.


-Ravens and artist Sterling Israel

Creating "Four Corners of Our World," a set of prints exploring the science and mythology of ravens.

-London Hair Studio and Spa and artist Courtney Stubbert

Creating "Let’s Compromise," a gel nail design available by appointment.

-City of Eugene Parking Services and artist Bret Pendlebury

Creating "Thank You Ticket," featuring a portrait of the Parcade garage located at 7th and Willamette.

-Manifest Beer Company and artist Sunny Selby Johnston

Creating "Still Moving Life," a single keg of beer and portrait fragment coasters.

-Doc’s Pad and artist Joshua Isaac Finch

Creating a mixed drink, "Dive & Hasten"

-Spence & Sabitt, LLP and artist Libby Wadsworth

Creating "...Some Words," a set of printing plates visitors may use to make their own rubbings of legal language explorations.

-Urban Therapeutic and artist Lisa Sansevere

Creating a "Stained Glass Garden," a scented sand or salt desk garden.

-City of Eugene Facilities Management and artists Helen Liu and Elnaz Talaei

Creating "Growth," attempted collaborations responding to the landscape elements along the block.

-Park Street Cafe’ and artist Charly Swing

Creating "The Smeede," a sandwich.

-Perugino Coffeehouse and artist Mika Aono

Creating "Ichigo-Ichie, -Stumbling Upon," a tea drink engaged with a transformation of the coffeehouse space.

-Gary Dawson Design and artist Tallmadge Doyle

Creating "Octopus Embrace," a pendant available for sale at Urban Therapeutic.

-AHM Brands and artist Ugo Akabike

Creating a logo for The Distance Between Us exhibition branding.

-Sushi-Ya and artist Randolph Carter

Creating "Into the Deep," a sushi roll.

-Earthbound Moon and artists Mei-ling Lee & Jeff Goolsby

Creating "Alte Innenstadt Vido Stroll," an audio/video engagement with the street and the projects along it this week.

BRIDGE Summer 2018

July 27 - August 5, 2018

The City of Eugene’s BRIDGE Exhibitions, creates opportunities for innovative, contemporary art projects, pieces and experiences that explore, express or reflect social, personal, political or ecological issues of the times. These works activate public spaces and highlight artists and arts organizations that creatively contribute to the current discourse in our community and beyond.

Projects for BRIDGE Summer 2018 creatively utilize the outdoor areas of the Hult Center for the Performing Arts, the Parcade parking structure and breezeway between 7th and 8th streets.

Bahramf-MocklisIntersecting Bodies

by Farhad Bahram and Shannon Mockli

Sponsored by ArtCity Eugene


Metanoia Catalyst 

by Leah Wilson and Kate Ali with Gray Space members

Sponsored by Gray Space


We Are Ships. You Are The River, Part 1 0f 3: Vessel 

by Valentina Gonzalez, Josh Sands & Dain Kaldahl

Sponsored by Whiteaker Community Art Team (WCAT) and Wildcraft Cider Works


by Jessilyn Brinkerhoff

Sponsored by Lane Arts Council with co-sponsorship from Maude Kerns Art Center


3:30 AM 

by Junwei Zhang

Sponsored by Imagination International