Stormwater and Water Quality

You can help keep local waterways healthy

Anything on a roof, driveway, parking lot, sidewalk, and even your lawn or garden can be washed into a storm drain.  It's up to all of us to connect the dots and keep pollution out of our waterways.  See our tips and resources below.


Pesticides, Fertilizers, Yard & Garden Care

Pet Waste

Car Washing

Outdoor Home Activities

Rain Gardens

New to these natural water-treatment facilities? Learn how rain gardens work to filter pollutants. Have one at home or on your street? Visit our rain garden resources page for information about the structure, plants and maintenance of these features. There is also an annual reporting form if your home has one of these private systems for stormwater. 


Some business owners aren't aware of practices that can affect water quality. Learn how your business can protect water from common pollutants:

Amazon Creek Habitat

Did you know that Amazon Creek is both a stormwater channel and a riparian habitat? If your home or business is along the Amazon, learn more about how this creek's vegetation improves stormwater quality.

To report a spill or pollution entering a  storm drain or in Amazon Creek, please call 541-682-4800 during business hours, or 541-682-5111 after hours to report it. Or contact us by email.

Clean Water Connections

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