Stormwater Fees

Monthly Stormwater Fees

All developed properties in Eugene pay monthly stormwater fees. These fees support services that provide flood protection and protect and restore water quality in local wetlands and waterways. Services include sweeping streets, picking up leaves, maintaining stormwater pipes and ditches, providing education and information about reduced use of pollutants and complying with state and federal water quality regulations.

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Proposed Stormwater administrative order for fiscal year 2018

Other Stormwater Fees and Charges

Stormwater systems development charges (SDCs) provide a funding source for the public cost to acquire right-of-way and to construct, expand, and rehabilitate stormwater infrastructure such as large pipes, drainage ways, catch basins and culverts.

More information about stormwater SDCs.

How Stormwater Fees are Used

  • Planting over 600 trees along local streams and rivers each year
  • Remove garbage from streams and the banks of the Willamette River
  • Maintain and repair more than 600 miles of stormwater pipes and waterways
  • Clean over 15,000 catch basins and curb inlets
  • Collect and recycle over 18,000 cubic yards of leaves per year
  • Eliminate illegal connections and discharges
  • Sweep more than 40,000 curb miles of streets each year
  • Provide stormwater education to 3,000 students each year
  • Protect, restore, and maintain streams, rivers, and wetlands
  • Improve how rainfall runoff is managed in developed areas through system retrofits
  • Replace public drywells to protect groundwater quality
  • Administer clean water regulations for construction sites, industries, and new development
  • Plant, preserve, and maintain street trees and median vegetation
  • Monitor water quality in our local waterways through sampling and data analysis
Stormwater Monthly Fee Schedule
Effective September 1, 2016

  Residential Customers General Customers 
 User Category1  Small Residential2 Medium Residential3 Large Residential4 Commercial/Industrial5
Impervious Surface
$3.91 per
 1,000 sf

$3.91 per
 1,000 sf

$1.95 $1.95 $1.95 $1.38 per
 1,000 sf
(per account)
$0.58 $0.58 $1.82 $1.82
Total Monthly Fee

  1. Duplex rates are modified, based on the building footprint and building configuration.
  2. Building footprint is equal to or less than 1,000 sf.
  3. Building footprint is greater than 1,000 sf and less than 3,000 sf.
  4. Building footprint is 3,000 sf or greater.
  5. All users other than small and medium single-family homes and duplexes are considered General Customers.
For more details, view the City of Eugene's Utility User Fee Brochure.

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