Long-Range & Action Plans

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Eugene’s transportation system provides mobility and access over a broad network of streets, alleys, sidewalks, accessways and shared use paths. There are more than 540 miles of streets, 43 miles of alleys, over 750 miles of sidewalks and accessways, 45 miles of off-street shared use paths and 158 miles of striped on-street bike lanes that provide the foundation of Eugene’s mutimodal transportation network. 

We are committed to operating and maintaining this system in a cost effective and efficient manner. The Eugene 2035 Transportation System Plan (TSP) calls for tripling the percentage of trips made by walking, biking and transit by 2035 and eliminating deaths and serious injuries on the transportation system by implementing the Vision Zero Action Plan

To accomplish these goals, we developed the MoveEUG Active Transportation Strategy to identify priority action items. The plan highlights strategies to increase the use of electric vehicles in Eugene, build additional walking and biking infrastructure, and increase the role of employers and developers in reducing trips made in single occupancy vehicles.

  1. Rob Inerfeld (he/him)

    Transportation Planning Manager
    Phone: 541-556-6124