Windowfront Exhibitions

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Windowfront Exhibitions

Downtown Eugene’s empty storefronts become galleries and spaces for artists to demonstrate their craft. Come downtown by foot, car or bike to enjoy windowfronts transformed into art installations. 

Tour downtown to enjoy:  

  • Eugene Indigenous and Latina/o/x Artists working in various art forms and mediums, including painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, textiles and more.
  • R0 Prayer Flag Redux Community Art Project: a community art project raising funds to support Lane Arts Council.
  • Windowfront paintings by Urban Canvas artists.
  1. Eugene Indigenous and latina/o/x Artists
  2. R0 Prayer Flag Community Project
  3. Windowfront Paintings
  4. Call to Artists

Eugene Indigenous and Latina/o/x Artists

October 8 - November 28, 2021

 This season’s installment of Windowfront Exhibitions celebrates artists from diverse backgrounds and cultures that have historically been under-represented. Walk around downtown and enjoy works from artists who identify as American Indian and Alaskan Native, Hispanic, Latina/o/x, including indigenous tribes, Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean and any other regions that identify with these cultures.

Exhibition Highlights

  • 833 Willamette St.: discover the origin and symbolic details of the Charro outfit at the Charro Attire Exhibition | Exhibición de Atuendo Charro.
  • 856 Willamette St & 280 W. Broadway.: stop by these galleries that includes mixed media work, bronze, basket, sculpture, textile, acrylic, watercolor and graphite pieces by artists Johnny Rolling Thunder, Rogene Mañas, Marina Hajek, Mija Matriz, Esteban Camacho Steffensen, Joanna Irizarry, Andrea Ros, Patricia Montoya Donohue and Mujeres con Alas.
  • 1004 Willamette St.: see the projection exhibit Riqueza Natural de México, 2020, which includes images by 77 photographers, sharing the natural beauty of Mexico.
  • 270 W. Broadway: Enjoy sculpture, painting and prints curated by VRGNZ that feature artists from the Queen Vandals Collective including the largest skateboard display ever seen in Eugene.

Exhibition Details

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Hispanic Heritage Month (Sep. 15-Oct. 15) and American Indian and Alaska Native Heritage Month (November) celebrate the histories and cultures of American Indian and Alaska Native, Latina/o/x and Hispanic Americans.

On October 11, Windowfront Exhibitions stands with Native communities in honor of Indigenous Peoples’ Day |Dia de las Indigenas. This day raises awareness of the true history while celebrating the culture and resilience of Native people. In 2020, Mayor Vinis proclaimed in support of Indigenous Peoples Day, “...ask the residents of Eugene to utilize this day as an opportunity to reflect on the ongoing struggles of Indigenous people of this land, to celebrate the thriving cultures and values of Indigenous Peoples of our region, and stand in solidarity with Indigenous peoples…". It is in this spirit that Windowfront Exhibitions stands in solidarity with Indigenous peoples elsewhere.

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Windowfront Exhibitions showcase local artists and arts organizations, transforms vacant storefronts into works of art, highlights our downtown businesses and offers vibrancy and engagement to the community. We believe that all empty spaces have great potential to be transformed by artists and innovation.