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Spring Exhibit

March 5 - April 23, 2021

Downtown Eugene

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Downtown Eugene’s empty storefronts will become interactive artworks and galleries this spring along with new and evolving murals. Come downtown by foot, car or bike to enjoy windowfronts transformed into art installations by local artists, artisans and creatives.

Windowfront Exhibitions showcases local artists and arts organizations, transforms vacant storefronts into works of art, highlights our downtown businesses and offers color and light to the community. We believe that all empty spaces have great potential to be transformed by artists and innovation. 

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House of Strange Rituals installationArt Installations

Art Installations from local arts collectives and organizations: OSLP Arts & Culture Program, House of Strange Rituals and Whiteaker Community Arts Team.

Whiteaker Community Arts Team

NEIGHBORHOOD DIARIES | 2021 Video and mixed media

Dates displayed: March 5 - April 23, 2021

Presented by: Whiteaker Community Arts Team

Location: 824 Charnelton Street

About: Whiteaker Community Arts Team (WCAT) joins three community artists to collaborate by combining video and mixed media/sculpture work. The concepts expressed in the work relate to memory, deterioration, and determination incoming together as a community to not only persevere during tough times but to show that creativity can still flourish. By documenting the collaboration of three different artists in the neighborhood and showcasing their willingness to work together we hope to provide a positive example of art’s ability to bond people and ideas together. 

WCAT facilitates the use of non-traditional gallery spaces by underserved artists, in order to both celebrate and invigorate the vibrant arts community in the Whiteaker neighborhood. WCAT encourages partnerships among artists, businesses, and community organizations in the Whiteaker by promoting the use of public spaces and non-traditional venues as pop-up gallery spaces and producing the Whiteaker Art Walk, a monthly self-guided art tour. 

 Susan Detroy creates digital and hard copy art including five lifetime series. Currently Susan works in mobile photography producing digital and video imagery. Ms. Detroy’s art explores life around her. Her videos are experimental visions of Covid living.,,,

Myles Morris is a musician and visual artist. Using secondhand and discarded video and audio equipment, he strives to reanimate glimpses of the past. Mr. Morris shows the viewer that the past can become a catalyst for a conversation for the present through visual metaphor. He utilizes VHS tape loops, a video mixer and 1980’s VHS cameras to create visual elements that interpret modernity.

Travis Kerr is a found object artist who uses discarded materials and items recast, transformed or shaped into sculptural pieces. His installations subvert expectations of what art is or isn’t and provokes viewers to questions their definition of beauty. 

OSLP Arts & Cultural Program


Dates displayed: March 5 - April 23, 2021

Presented by: OSLP Arts & Culture Program

Location: 856 Willamette

Larry HurstAbout: Larry Hurst III paintings often depict scenes of nature inspired by photographs that range from realistic to surrealistic interpretations. Many of his paintings also include unique and fantastical architecture. Hurst enjoys plein air painting and likes to work outdoors if he can. He also likes to take photographs of nature or people to use as references for paintings. In addition to painting, Hurst is also a very talented model house builder and has produced scale models of several houses that he has lived in, as well as the historical Shelton McMurphey House.  


Hurst has been making art for over ten years and learned to paint while living in Texarkana, TX. He continues his studies at the OSLP Arts & Culture Program since the winter of 2013. His other areas of interest include jewelry making, wig making, photography, and portrait drawing. He has completed two mentorships in painting and portrait drawing, working one-on-one with a mentor artist. 

The purpose of the OSLP Arts & Culture Program is to break down barriers to participation in the arts for people of all abilities and building bridges to a more diverse and inclusive community for all. 


House of Strange Rituals | AHFEMME 

BLINK | 2021 Mixed media/new media and performance art

Dates displayed: March 5 - April 23, 2021

Presented by: House of Strange Rituals

Location: 1038 Willamette Street

House of Strange RitualsSpecial Performances: Friday, April 2 at 7:30 p.m. & Friday, April 23 time TBA
Be sure to stop by for the First Friday ArtWalk on April 2 as well as National Dance Week on April 23 for special performances inside of the window.

About: House of Strange Rituals is a female-led art collective based in Eugene, OR. They specialize in interactive art that enlivens the senses, calling upon the participation of users to truly bring their pieces to life. 

AHFEMME dedicates their deviant souls to the creation and curation of art that loudly says what has not been said before. They use a variety of mediums to produce multi-sensory performances and events. 

Blink is a collaborative piece between House of Strange Rituals and the newly formed AHFEMME. This interactive exhibit sits at the intersection of sculpture, nature, technology, fashion, and performance.  A surrealistic depiction of the natural world that elicits wonder. Inside of this magnified ecosystem you will find felted bees, honey hives, and giant poppy pods that awaken as the public pass by.

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