Temporary Exhibitions

Temporary art exhibitions are an entry point for artists to create work in the public realm. Artists are given opportunities to engage the City as a studio and a playground, providing unexpected creative experiences. Check out what’s happening today!


  1. Kenji Shimizu photography

    Windowfront Exhibitions

    Downtown Eugene’s empty storefronts become interactive artworks and galleries with new and evolving windowfront paintings and art installations.
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  1. Culture Raising fence

    Culture Raising

    Culture Raising is a temporary public art project along a 100-foot fenceline in the new Riverfront Park.

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Temporary Art Installations

  1. This IS Kalapuyan Land
  2. Big One
  3. A Call For Our Future
  4. Shine On

This IS Kalapuyan installation

This IS Kalapuyan Land

Curated by Steph Littelbird Fogel

Viewable August 5-2023

Farmers Market Pavilion, 85 E. 8th Ave.

Presented by Five Oaks Museum and City of Eugene Cultural Services

“We have always been here, we will always be here.” - Steph Littlebird Fogel

In partnership with Five Oaks Museum, the City of Eugene is honored to present “This IS Kalapuyan Land” at the new Farmers Market Pavilion and Plaza. This exhibit opened in 2019 as a physical installation at Portland’s Five Oaks Museum by Guest Curator Steph Littlebird Fogel (Grand Ronde, Kalapuya) and became an online exhibition in 2020. Fogel annotated panels from the museum’s outdated and problematic exhibit on Kalapuyan people, curated contemporary Native artwork into the exhibition and added historical content from Dr. David G. Lewis, who is a preeminent scholar on Western Oregon Tribes.

“This IS Kalapuyan Land” acts as both a museum exhibition title and land acknowledgement. It is also a declaration of perpetual stewardship by the Kalpuyan people. As you look at the panels, see where the changes have been made. They invite critical thinking around representation of Indigenous history and identity by non-Indigenous institutions.

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