Community Safety Initiative Engagement Sessions

At its work session on July 20, 2020, City Council directed the City Manager to convene engagement sessions with organizations representing communities of color to specify changes or additions to the Community Safety Initiative  (CSI) that would best respond to the needs of their communities.


Seeking New Voices and Perspectives

The intention for these sessions is to invite a broad cross section of organizations and leaders within communities of color to learn about the development of the Community Safety Initiative and listen to their perspective on how the intended outcomes and proposed uses of payroll tax funds align with the public safety priorities within their communities. Many of these organizations were not specifically engaged previously and the City of Eugene hopes to hear new voices and perspectives as part of this effort. Hearing from communities of color on this issue is important at this critical moment in the community conversation around race, policing and public safety, and this effort will help to ensure the needs and priorities of undeserved members of our community are reflected in the CSI.


Engagement Opportunities

  • Community Safety Initiative Informational Webinar
    Watch this webinar to learn about the Community Safety Initiative. Still have questions about the Community Safety Initiative?  Submit your questions online.
  • Videos: Learn about Community Safety Initiative Program Areas
  • Community Safety Initiative Q&A Document
    Read our Q&A document based on questions submitted by viewers of the webinar.  
  • Focus Groups
    The City will conduct focus groups with black, indigenous and other people of color (BIPOC) to actively listen to their perspective on public safety and the CSI. Focus group sessions took place on December 4, 7, 8 and 11. 
  • Survey
     The City will develop a survey to provide another opportunity for engagement , particularly those unable to attend a focus group or workshop. The survey will be available to anyone that lives or works in Eugene.
  • Workshops for the General Public
     In early 2021, the City will host workshops open to the general public to gauge the current perspective on the CSI strategy and approach. These sessions will be recorded and available for viewing after their scheduled times to increase access to information.

In February 2021, after all engagement sessions are complete, staff will compile information collected through the focus group meetings, workshops and survey and present a report to City Council.


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