Athletics COVID-19 Protocol

(Update October 19, 2020)

Eugene Rec Athletics follows all current Oregon state reopening guidance for Recreational Sports.

Who uses City of Eugene Fields?

  • Eugene Athletics Adult Sports Leagues
  • Youth Sports Organizations
  • Rentals to youth and adult users
  • Community members (drop-in)

What are the guidelines we are requiring groups to follow?

All current Oregon state reopening guidance for Recreational Sports, including:  

  • Limit the gathering capacity to a maximum of 250 people.
  • Participants are required to wear a mask, face shield or face covering when six feet of distancing cannot be maintained during play. When necessary, current guidelines for play have been modified to ensure adequate physical distancing based on each game’s national governing body for safe sport. Indoor sports require masks at all time, regardless of distancing.
  • Encouraging everyone on site – players, coaches, referees, spectators – to maintain at least six feet of distance from individuals not residing in the same household, especially in common areas. Masks are required when six feet of distance cannot be maintained.
  • Assign a designated monitor to make sure that spectators keep six feet of physical distance, including at entrances, exits, restrooms and any other area where people may gather.
  • Prohibit staff and players who have any symptoms of COVID-19 from entering the premises or sporting location.
  • Discourage any person, including players, at risk for severe illness or with serious underlying medical conditions from attending any sporting activities.
  • Maintain contact information of players. If there is a positive COVID-19 case associated with the venue/event operator, public health may need this information for a contact tracing investigation.

What is the City doing to enforce these guidelines?

  • Educating internal and external partners about the current sports guidelines.
  • Creating new rules and policies for our current sports leagues that follow both the state & national sports guidelines.
  • Requiring an on-site supervisor/monitor where one was not traditionally required.
  • Allocating staff time to do “spot checks” around City fields to ensure guideline compliance.