2022 Mayor's Art Show

Mayor’s Art Show Awards for 2022

Awards were given based on the consideration of the following criteria: conceptual strength, artistic merit, innovation, craftsmanship and materials.

Julie Anderson Bailey Biology Rising mixed media paper, sculpture installation

Juror's Choice

Julie Anderson Bailey

Biology Rising, 2022

Mixed media paper, sculpture installation, 5 ft x 40 ft x 2 in


For more information visit juliejulie.co

Juror's Choice Award Statement

“A masterful blending of traditional methodologies with contemporary concepts pushes the boundaries of materiality and the monumental. Overlapping of pieces evokes a sense of light, process and the rise of biology. The artist’s sculptural piece uses unique methods of repetition and representation to reimagine the role of mentorship and collaboration between human beings and how their relationship with nature has the potential to be a future of cooperation and regeneration.”  - Mayor's Art Show Jurors

Terry Hedin Survivor, wood

Mayor's Choice - 3D

Terry Hedin

Survivor, 2022

Wood, 15.5 x 7 x 5 in


For more information email Terry Hedin

Mayor's Choice Statement

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Taghrid Alghadban Eyes with Thread mixed media and collage

Mayor's Choice - 2D

Taghrid Alghadban

Eyes with Thread, 2022

Mixed media and collage, 36 x 24 x 1 in


For more information email Taghrid Alghadban

Mayor's Choice Statement

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Barbara Counsil Beaty Beware oil on board

People's Choice

Barbara Counsil

Beauty Beware, 2022

Oil on board, 32 x 26 x .25 in


For more information visit barbaracounsil.com

People's Choice Award

Quotes from People's Choice Award voters:

“Mysterious and intriguing. Great job on lighting.” 

“The details capture the magnificence of the natural beauty.” 

“This is such a great capture of one of my favorite flowers!” 


Janine Etherington Reconciling Perspectives, mixed media wood assemblage

Curator's Choice

Janine Etherington

Reconciling Perspectives #2, 2022

Mixed media wood assemblage, 7.5 x 7.5 x 7.5 in


For more information visit janineetherington.com

Curator's Choice Award

"Janine Etherington’s work has a ceremonial quality to it that evokes curiosity to explore the surfaces, patterns, edges and mark making. Each plane is meticulously painted and fit together, playing with light, color and transparency to create new surfaces and forms." - Curator, Chanin Santiago

2022 Mayor's Art Show Jurors

Kum Ja Lee juror

Kum Ja Lee

Kum Ja Lee, originally from Seoul, South Korea, is a visual artist currently based in Eugene. She works with immersive installations involving transitory states of light and form using fiber, mixed media and experimental painting. Her recent hybrid works incorporate laborious effort and repetition to explore recursive chance, spontaneity, physicality, visibility and invisibility. Her liminal spaces are traversed through the juxtaposition of East/West concepts of time and the cyclical patterns of nature while making use of traditional and experimental processes. 

Lee holds a degree in Masters of Fine Arts in Visual Studies from Pacific Northwest College of Art in Portland, a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Oregon in Eugene and a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a Master of Fine Arts in Fiber Arts from Hongik University in South Korea. She also worked as an art instructor for undergraduate and graduate programs at Kangnung National University and Mokwon University in South Korea.  

Lee's work has been exhibited at various venues in the Pacific Northwest and internationally. She has participated in group shows and received multiple awards and grants from several juried art installations, including Windowfront Exhibitions, Mayor’s Art Show (2021, 2020), Maude Kerns Art Gallery, Springfield Arts Commission; MFA Thesis Exhibition, PNCA, National Officials Fine Arts Exhibition, Customs Fine Arts Exhibition, Industrial Arts Exhibition, Hongik Fiber and Plastic Arts Exhibition, Korean Fine Arts Exhibition, Fiber and Plastic Arts Awards and Contemporary Arts Awards (held in Seoul and Kwachun), plus a group exhibition in Moscow, Russia. Her work received the People’s Choice Award in the 2021 Mayor’s Art Show.

Sarah Ciampa juror

Sarah Ciampa

Sarah Ciampa has lived in Eugene for 22 years. In that time she attended the art programs at both Lane Community College and the University of Oregon where she graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Art with a focus on drawing, painting and sculptural ceramics. From 2019 until April of this year, she was the Exhibits Coordinator at the Maude Kerns Art Center where she also taught adult art education classes. She has also taught classes at Oregon Art Supply.

Sarah is a practicing artist specializing in classical realist oil paintings. Her work focuses primarily on highly rendered still life subjects, but her taste in art is broad and varied.

Since 2004, she has participated in juried local, regional and national group shows, as well as a variety of shared and solo exhibits. Her work has been represented at the Fountainhead Gallery in Seattle and is now displayed in the Edge Gallery in Salem, Oregon. Sarah’s work has been exhibited in Eugene’s Mayor’s Art Show six times since 2011, and in 2012 she was honored to win the Mayor’s Choice Award.

Sean Goddard juror

Sean Goddard

Sean Goddard was born in the Bedford Stuyvesant (Bed-Stuy) neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York. He was raised as a second generation immigrant from Barbados and is the great-grandchild of one of the tallest Cherokee women in North America, standing at 7 feet with 8 feet of hair.

Sean identifies as BIPOC. He is an artist, teacher, father and organizer for the BIPOC Artist Collective in Eugene. His future endeavors include creating the first Men in Translation program to reduce harm as it relates to masculine toxicity.