Mayor's Art Show - Vicki Krohn Amorose

Vicki Krohn Amorose

The Adventures of Steadman and Molly, 2020



On display in old Lane Community College window, 1059 Willamette St.

About the artist

I began "The Adventures of Steadman and Molly" as a way to focus myself during the early weeks of self-quarantine. I rescued two 1-inch toys from a dying terrarium and began to stage them in photos. The process became a daily non-intellectual balm, allowing me to be somewhere else briefly. In one sense, Steadman and Molly are stand-ins for my husband and me, wandering around our home contemplating mortality and domestic chores. Our lives were suddenly so small. My perspective shifted. My notion of time changed and the subconscious didn’t feel sub anymore.

The impetus to continue the project came from my 30-year friendship with artists Therese Randall Brimmer and Denise Slattery. As we experienced the initial shock of the pandemic from different parts of the country, Therese initiated a daily photo exchange and we three began a visual conversation. My friends made me feel my photos were worth preserving. While writing the accompanying non-linear story, I let the images lead the words, not the other way around. Therese knew exactly what I meant when I wanted to make a “digital storybook” and she designed the layout. The act of play was essential to the creation of The Adventures of Steadman and Molly and it would not have found completed form without joining other artists on the playground.

I’m a visual, conceptual and performance artist with degrees in art history and fine art. My work is sometimes framed, written or performed but I regard artmaking as an activity of consciousness. I believe in creative collaboration on material, cerebral, energetic and humorous levels. Currently I feel Surrealism calling me, or rather, some kind of Post-Pop-Pandemic Surrealism.

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