Art Installations

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Art Installations

Whether on foot, by car or by bike, there’s opportunity for everyone to enjoy storefront art installations throughout downtown Eugene. Installations include “Black is Beautiful” created by the Eugene BIPOC Artist Collective for the 2020 Juneteenth; David Walker’s wooden wearable art that has been featured in competitions and exhibitions around the world; and digital dance projections, a collaboration between DanceAbility International and Harmonic Laboratory. Installations are included on our Downtown Art Tour map.

David Walker Stella NovaDavid Walker

101 W. 10th Ave., LCC Titan Store

David Walker has been creating wooden wearable art for 19 years. His pieces have been in international competitions and exhibitions around the world. Three of his wooden wearable garments will be displayed along with projected images of the pieces being worn.

Earth Bound Moon Jorah frameEarthbound Moon

Posters at 100 W. 10th Ave., Eugene Public Library

For Eugene’s Visual Arts Week, Earthbound Moon invites you to collaborate with five artists on a series of DIY artworks. We have commissioned five Create-Your-Own-Sculpture Treasure Hunts. You can find the posters for the Treasure Hunts in the windows of Eugene’s Public Library.


  • Eugene Difficult Music Ensemble invites you to create a musical composition as a preview of their 2021 multimedia performance, The Eugene Garbage Project. 
  • Jorah LaFleur provides a Treasure Hunt that will culminate in a new work of sculptural poetry and poetic sculpture. 
  • Mija Andrade encourages you to build a sculpture unlike any you ever imagined before.
  • Pat Luther has written a play in six scenes, each scene a single page available at a different location. Perform one scene or collect them all and perform the whole play.
  • Patricia Montoya Donohue’s Treasure hunt guides you in the creation of a spellbinding mandala. 

Black is BeautifulBlack is Beautiful

100 W. 10th Ave., along westside of Eugene Downtown Library on Charnelton Street.

Created for the Eugene 2020 Juneteenth, this piece measures 60 feet long and was created by the Eugene BIPOC Artist Collective to celebrate and stand in solidarity with our black and African American Community members.

Black is Beautiful

DanceabilityDanceAbility International

Presented by Harmonic Laboratory

10th & Willamette storefront

Viewable August 7-15, 8:30 pm-midnight

DanceAbility International’s mission is to dissolve barriers and connect people with and without disabilities through dance and movement. Harmonic Laboratory has lent their digital expertise to present a projection of the historical perspective of DanceAbility International performing company, viewable in the evening hours.