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  1. Police Patrol Vehicle

    White Van from Tik Tok Report Located, No Longer of Interest

    Unfortunately, the social media flurry has led to van’s owner being harassed online and in person. The owner cooperated with a police investigation and the case was unfounded. Read on...
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  3. Police Patrol Vehicle
  4. EPD Patrol Vehicle
  5. Text to 911 Graphic
  6. Police Patrol Vehicle
  7. Police Patrol Vehicle
  8. Eugene Police Headquarters Sign
  9. Police Patrol Vehicle
  10. Officer Michael Casey and K9 Marco
  11. EPD K9
  12. Photo of Kaulin Adrian Achim, age 19
  13. K9 Jack
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  15. EPD Initiates 1st Set of Policing Reforms in Wake of George Floyd's Death in Minneapolis

    In the wake of the George Floyd death in Minneapolis, local marches and rallies, and calls for police reform, we have considered what we can do at EPD to make things better, have initiated the first set of reforms and will continue forward momentum Read on...
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