Plans and Documents

About Public Works Plans and Documents

The Public Works Department is responsible for development, update and administration of infrastructure system plans for streets, pedestrian and bicycle facilities, wastewater sewers, stormwater facilities, and parks and open space.


Transportation system plans include the current adopted metro-wide plan called TransPlan, the Eugene Transportation System Plan which is under development, and the Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plan which is under development. See also the the Transportation Planning Page.

The Stormwater Basin Master Plans guide the future of stormwater management in Eugene, and have been completed for six of Eugene’s seven stormwater basins and are available to view and / or download. A draft plan for the River Road - Santa Clara stormwater basin is also available.

The Stormwater Basin Master Plans reflect the results of a multi-year planning effort and focus on a "multiple objective" (flood control, water quality enhancement, and stormwater-related natural resource protection) approach to managing stormwater. Please see the individual plan pages (Stormwater Basin Master Plan and Urban Sewer Master Plan) for more information.