City Master Plans and Documents

Public Works Plans 

The Public Works Department is responsible for development, update and administration of infrastructure system plans for streets, pedestrian and bicycle facilities, wastewater sewers, stormwater facilities, and parks and open space.  

Street Design Standards, Stormwater and Wastewater Master Plans and the Adopted Land Use Plans and Studies are tools used by both planning staff and developers to ensure adherence to the City of Eugene Code when developing in the city limits.  The 2035 Transportation Plan (TSP) is a guide and forecast of potential projects, goals, and a vision the city has for its transportation network throughout our community over the next 20 years and beyond.

  1. Street design standards
  2. MAster  Plans
  3. Adopted Land Use Plans and Studies
  4. 2035 TSP

Street Design Standards

Eugene’s Complete Street Design Guide is a tool for city staff, developers, and other members of the community to understand the components of Eugene’s streets.  The guide will be used for the construction of new streets and when existing streets are redeveloped or retrofitted to better meet transportation needs.. The current version which is the 1999 Design Standards & Guidelines for Eugene Streets, Sidewalks, Bikeways and Access Ways is being updated and will be called "Eugene’s Complete Street Design Guide" once finished.