January 2020 Newsletter

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2021 Community Festival

In 2021, for the first time ever, the World Athletics Championships will be held in the United States. From August 6-15, the world’s best track and field athletes will compete at the new Hayward Field in Eugene! 

For 10 days fans will watch over 2000 athletes, men and women from more than 190 countries, compete in 49 events. That means: breaking records, winning medals, and setting personal bests. Oregon21 will be the largest global sporting event in 2021 and will put the world’s best athletes, the City of Eugene, and the state of Oregon on the world stage.

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Because of the scale and magnitude of this event, there will not be space at Hayward Field for a community fan festival. Our organization has been advocating to host a community festival on the newly developed Downtown Riverfront site in Eugene to celebrate this moment in our history, and we have set up a structure that will work to make this dream a reality! The festival will take place during the same time as the World Championships. The goal of the festival is to represent the greater community and serve as the epicenter to welcome the world to Eugene and Oregon. 

Festival Goals

The festival is intended to:

  • Celebrate Eugene and Oregon as a showcase and hub for artists, outdoor enthusiasts, and healthy lifestyles.
  • Amplify and explore the unique identity of Eugene and Oregon, and strengthen a sense of community and connection while building trust and confidence among the diverse communities of the city.
  • Serve as the fan experience during the World Athletics Championships event by welcoming athletes, visitors, and local citizens of all ages. The festival will integrate with Oregon21 and other community organizations and businesses, helping to create a seamless Oregon21 experience.
  • Be an interactive experience that, inspired by the global cultures represented at Oregon21, include food and beverages, local and regional arts and crafts, multi-media, live and recorded entertainment, and youth and family activities.
  • Develop sponsorships and relationships with national, state, and local stakeholders to both fund and add quality content and experience to the festival.

The festival will be the perfect venue to celebrate the new Downtown Riverfront Park. The Request for Proposal process to hire an event production company that will produce the festival has now closed, and the team will be determined in the coming months .