Sheldon Community Center Staff

Zoe Rolly

Zoe Rolly - Senior Programmer & Site Manager

Zoe started working for Eugene Rec in 2018 (unless you count that stint as a lifeguard at Amazon Pool in 2000). She loves the wide variety of recreation programs that Sheldon provides. As a lifelong summer camper, there is a special spot in Zoe’s heart for the end of those warm summer days when everyone is dirty, exhausted and smiling. When not at work Zoe likes to spend time with her dog, reading, working in her garden, hiking and occasionally going for an outdoor roller skate. Email Zoe

Joanne Whitfield

Joanne Whitfield - Office Coordinator

Joanne started working for Eugene Rec in 2017. From Joanne’s perch at the front counter she gets a front-row seat to all the comings and goings of Sheldon. Greeting patrons by name and seeing them excited about their activity is great but getting a morning high five from our youngest patrons is even better! Away from her perch, you will find Joanne camping, paddling, gardening and exploring the back roads of Oregon. Email Joanne

Ray Cole

Ray Cole - Program Assistant

Ray joined the team at Sheldon in 2019 after working as an instructor at the River House since 2004. His favorite part of working at Sheldon is getting out in the programs to play. The youth at Sheldon bring light and joy to his days. Ray is very thankful to have this as part of his work day, it keeps him young and healthy. Ray also likes to spend time in the outdoors with his family, friends and dogs, especially in and around the water. He is an avid music collector and listener with around 1,000 vinyl records and a ground-shaking sound system. Email Ray

Erinn Ernst

Erinn Ernst - Program Assistant

Erinn began working in Eugene Rec in 2019. She loves how the job changes each day, engages her creativity and the connections she makes with people who are passionate about recreation in our beautiful city. When not at Sheldon Erinn loves to spend time with her spouse and their two dogs (a corgi and a terrier). She enjoys gardening, dancing, making a podcast about dancing, Olympic style weight lifting, doing yoga and playing outside. Erinn believes laughter is the best medicine and the purpose of life it to create and find joy. Email Erinn

Kevin Leonard

Kevin Leonard - Early Learning Coordinator

Kevin has worked at Sheldon since the fall of 2002. His favorite part of coming to work is all the amazing people he interacts with every day, and that he gets to play with kids along the way. Kevin loves interacting with parents and the public. Outside of work his pastimes are sports and coaching. Email Kevin

Balli Notre

Balli Notre - Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

Balli started working at Sheldon in the fall of 2010 and was a long-time parent and volunteer before that. In her role as Pre-K teacher, Balli creates entertaining, engaging and creative classrooms that promote learning and social, cognitive and emotional development through Emergent Curriculum. In fact, she finds that every day brings unexpected learning experiences. When not at work she enjoys walking, hiking, cooking and listening to music. Balli was born in Mumbai and has lived in Eugene with her family since 1998. Email Balli