Draft Climate Action Plan 2.0

Eugene’s Community Climate Action Plan 2.0 - Summer 2020

A Roadmap for Eugene’s Climate Journey

View and download PDF versions of the following:

Key Upcoming Dates

  • July 13 City Council Meeting - Public Forum
  • July 15 City Council Work Session
  • July 27 City Council Meeting - Public Forum
  • July 29 City Council Work Session

More information will be added to the Sustainability Program website Summer 2020.

Building Community Capacity

As the City moves from publishing the CAP2.0 to implementing the Plan, staff will look to the community for support in 5 main ways:

  • Reconvene the Equity Panel
  • Citizen Advisory Committees
  • Individual, Household and Neighborhood Action Campaign
  • Eugene Climate Collaborative
  • Sustainability Business Strategy