Climate Action Plan 2.0

Eugene’s Community Climate Action Plan 2.0 - Summer 2020

A Roadmap for Eugene’s Climate Journey

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Building Our Community Capacity

As the City moves from publishing the CAP2.0 to implementing the Plan, staff will look to the community for support in 5 main ways:

  • Reconvene the Equity Panel
  • Citizen Advisory Committees
  • Individual, Household and Neighborhood Action Campaign
  • Eugene Climate Collaborative
  • Sustainability Business Strategy

View individual chapters of the Eugene Climate Action Plan 2.0, here:

  1. Introduction
  2. Section 1: A Data-Driven Roadmap for Climate Change
  3. Section 2: Commitment to Action
  4. Section 3: Building Our Community Capacity
  5. Appendices

Eugene's Climate Action Plan 2.0: A Road Map to Eugene's Climate Journey

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Eugene's Climate Journey 2016-2020