Community Safety Payroll Tax

The Eugene City Council passed the Community Safety Payroll Tax Ordinance (No. 20616) to provide long-term funding for community safety services. The Community Safety Payroll tax will be effective January 1, 2021.

See Administrative Order 44-20-05-F for more details on how the Community Safety Payroll Tax will be administered.

Who must file and pay?

All employers who are paying wages to employees and self-employed persons with a physical address in the Eugene city limits must register and file with the City of Eugene.

Estimate Your Tax

See the following tabs for online tools to help estimate your payroll tax and determine if your employer or business is in the Eugene city limits. Please note that the Eugene city limits are not the same as the urban growth boundary, nor are they determined by certain ZIP codes. 

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  2. In Eugene City Limits?
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